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FOOMA Japan 2024: Unveiling the Future of Food Manufacturing Through Global Innovation and Collaboration


FOOMA Japan 2024: Breakthrough Innovations and Global Collaboration in Food Manufacturing

The prestigious event, FOOMA Japan 2024, took place from June 4 to 7 at the renowned Tokyo Big Sight. This year’s exhibition, under the banner “Breakthrough FOOMA,” culminated in a grand success, solidifying its place as a beacon for the future of food manufacturing technologies. The event attracted approximately 1,000 companies, showcasing over 5,000 solutions across the spectrum of food production. Central to this year’s theme was the collective push towards navigating and overcoming the myriad of challenges facing the food industry, with a strong emphasis on technological innovation and sustainability.

Innovations and Highlights

Spanning 21 diverse categories, FOOMA Japan 2024 covered an extensive range of topics including food manufacturing and processing, packaging, refrigeration, robotics, AI, and food tech. A standout feature of the event was the Startup Zone. This vibrant area hosted 30 companies, with half being new exhibitors, spotlighting the tremendous potential and innovative prowess of startups, venture companies, and research institutions. This initiative underscored the event’s commitment to bringing to light automation advancements and sustainable solutions that promise to reshape the food industry.

Global Interest and Participation

The event recorded an impressive turnout, drawing in over 100,000 visitors from around 50 different countries. This remarkable figure not only illustrates the wide-reaching allure of Japanese food manufacturing technologies but also highlights the event’s increasing influence on the international stage. Among the attendees were approximately 5,500 international visitors, marking a significant uptick from the event’s past iterations. Such a diverse gathering of minds and professionals from across the globe underscores FOOMA Japan 2024’s role in facilitating global collaboration and knowledge exchange in food manufacturing.

Digital Transformation at the Forefront

A key focus of FOOMA Japan 2024 was the digital transformation sweeping across the food manufacturing sector. The event introduced several initiatives aimed at propelling the industry forward into the digital age. The FOOMA Award 2024 celebrated exceptional innovations within the sector, spotlighting groundbreaking advancements and ingenuity. Additionally, the introduction of digital tools like the FOOMA App and virtual booth tours further enriched the exhibition experience. These digital assets facilitated an enhanced connection between exhibitors and visitors, ensuring that the exchange of ideas and networking opportunities were not confined to the physical confines of the exhibition halls.


In wrapping up, FOOMA Japan 2024 offered a comprehensive showcase of Japan’s leadership in the realm of food manufacturing technology. The event stood as a testament to the vibrant and innovative spirit that drives the industry forward. By providing a platform for industry breakthroughs and cultivating an environment for global collaboration, FOOMA Japan 2024 has significantly contributed to the ongoing pursuit of a more sustainable and efficient global food industry. With its eyes set firmly on the future, the event promises to continue inspiring and shaping the trajectory of food manufacturing across the world.

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