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Forging Ahead: Unveiling the Shift to Quality Productive Forces in High-Quality Development Era


Forging New Quality Productive Forces | Preview Of The Theme Weeks For The Future

In an era where high-quality development is more crucial than ever, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s emphasis on “developing new quality productive forces” as a core aspect of promoting high-quality development has never been more relevant. This approach, focusing on leading industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation, is vital in cultivating and developing new quality productive forces that drive progress and prosperity.

Reflecting the nation’s priorities, the 2024 Government Work Report underscores the ambition to modernize the industrial system rapidly. It identifies “developing new quality productive forces at a faster pace” as a primary goal among the government’s key tasks for the year. The strategy entails fostering emerging industries and future-oriented industries while promoting the integrated and clustered development of strategic emerging industries.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) has been at the forefront of implementing the strategic directives from the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, and the CSRC. SZSE’s commitment is towards supporting sci-tech self-reliance and self-strengthening, with a keen focus on sectors like advanced manufacturing, the digital economy, and green and low-carbon development. By harnessing market functions and enhancing service levels, SZSE aims to expedite the growth of new quality productive forces, thereby steering listed companies and entire industries towards innovation and quality.

SZSE boasts a significant advantage with a concentration of listed companies in pivotal sectors. The Main Board of SZSE hosts over 130 industry leaders, including nearly 50 technology pioneers. These companies, including BYD, Midea Group, Hikvision, and Luxshare Precision, epitomize market-oriented blue-chip and sub-sector champions. The ChiNext Board, aligning with the national innovation-driven development strategy, is home to high-tech enterprises making up nearly 90%, and strategic emerging industry enterprises nearly 70%. This support has enabled the emergence of leading technological innovators and growth-oriented startups such as CATL, Inovance Technology, and Zhifei Biological.

In the bustling market of Shenzhen, industries such as new energy, artificial intelligence, high-end equipment, information technology, and biomedicine are exhibiting clustered development. Under the influence of benchmark enterprises, these sectors are emerging as key arenas for forging new quality productive forces, demonstrating the city’s role as a vital battleground for innovation and quality growth.

Highlighting its commitment to fostering new productive forces, SZSE is set to host the second collective briefings on performance with the theme “Forging New Quality Productive Forces” on April 18. This event will see the participation of companies like AVIC Optoelectronics, DMEGC, Sharetronic Data, and Yunnan Baiyao. Utilizing a blend of online and offline channels, the briefings aim to facilitate direct communication between these innovators and investors. Through the Easy IR platform, SZSE will offer online interactive Q&A services, text and image communication, and synchronous video broadcasting, providing a dynamic platform for engagement and insight.

As we move forward, the SZSE’s initiative underscores a clear vision: to bolster the growth of new quality productive forces. By fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and prioritizes quality, SZSE not only supports the national directive but also paves the way for a future where sustainable and high-quality development is a reality for all industries.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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