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Fostering Diversity and Innovation: Endeavor Miami’s Latest EndeavorLAB Latinx Cohort


In a significant move to foster diversity and innovation within the startup ecosystem, Endeavor Miami has proudly announced the introduction of its latest EndeavorLAB Latinx cohort. This initiative, supported by esteemed partners such as JPMorgan Chase and DELL for Startups, reflects Miami’s evolving stature as a nexus of global innovation, with a particular focus on uplifting the Latinx community.

The EndeavorLAB program is meticulously tailored to support underrepresented entrepreneurs in Florida, encompassing Black, Latinx, and women founders. These groups often encounter significant hurdles in securing funding and accessing vital resources necessary for growth. EndeavorLAB aims to bridge this gap by fostering a nurturing environment that offers community, knowledge, and support, thus empowering these entrepreneurs to surmount challenges and thrive.

This year’s cohort includes ten startups led by twenty co-founders hailing from across Latin America, including nations such as Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. These startups operate across a variety of sectors, including enterprise SaaS, fintech, consumer tech, CPG, and logistics, demonstrating the wide-ranging and scalable potential within the Latinx entrepreneurial sphere. Impressively, these companies have collectively generated over $2.5 million in revenue in 2023 and are projected to surpass $10 million in 2024, having secured an impressive $18 million in external funding.

The program spans two months and offers a flexible, structured curriculum designed to accommodate the founders’ busy schedules, requiring a commitment of just four hours per week. This setup allows participants to continue propelling their businesses forward while benefiting from the program’s enriching resources.

Claudia Duran, Managing Director of Endeavor Miami, shared her enthusiasm for this year’s cohort, emphasizing the ambition and innovation of the chosen startups. She believes that the current cohort not only highlights the potential within the community and the broader Latinx entrepreneurial ecosystem but also aligns with Endeavor Miami’s mission to support their growth and impact.

The launch of the Latinx cohort for EndeavorLAB represents a significant milestone for Endeavor Miami and a beacon of hope for underrepresented founders in South Florida. It epitomizes the organization’s commitment to promoting a more inclusive, diverse, and competitive entrepreneurial landscape. As these startups commence their EndeavorLAB journey, their success stories are destined to inspire future generations of entrepreneurs, demonstrating that with adequate support and community, there are no limits to what can be achieved.

The EndeavorLAB Latinx Cohort showcases a dynamic array of startups, including Casalú, a rum seltzer brand that encapsulates modern Latino culture; CodeGPT, offering customizable and secure LLM as an Operating System; Highlights App, connecting fans with personalized sports highlights; iTruckr, utilizing AI for independent trucking operations; Kanto, an interactive singing app featuring the world’s most accurate scoring technology; Mavity, an AI-powered tool for creative operations; Neomoon, providing financial access and education in LATAM; Onyx Private, simplifying financial management for small business owners; Palla, facilitating instant funds transfer from the US to LatAm; and Securily, revolutionizing pen testing for SMBs with AI and certified human expertise.

The establishment of the latest EndeavorLAB Latinx cohort by Endeavor Miami marks a pivotal moment in the drive to level the playing field for underrepresented entrepreneurs in Miami’s vibrant ecosystem and beyond. Supported by the collective efforts of JPMorgan Chase, DELL for Startups, and the innovative startups comprising this year’s cohort, Endeavor Miami is not merely celebrating the rich cultural diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of the Latinx community but is also reinforcing its commitment to forging a more inclusive and equitable future for all entrepreneurs. Claudia Duran’s vision, coupled with the outstanding achievements of these startups, underscores the transformative impact of targeted support and community engagement. As these entrepreneurs embark on their journey of growth and discovery, they are not just charting a course for their own success but are also inspiring a new generation of innovators to dream big and shatter barriers, proving that with resilience, support, and a shared vision, the landscape of entrepreneurship is luminous and boundless.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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