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France’s Strategic Move: Government Proposes to Purchase Key Assets from Debt-Ridden IT Firm Atos


France Offers to Buy Strategic Assets from Struggling IT Firm Atos

In a significant move to safeguard national interests, the French government has proposed to acquire the defense-strategic assets of the embattled information technology firm, Atos. This strategic decision aims to prevent these crucial assets from slipping into foreign hands amid the company’s financial turmoil.

Atos, known for its contributions to France’s national security through advanced computing, mission-critical systems, and cybersecurity, has found itself in a precarious financial position. The firm’s operations integral to France’s defense, including its supercomputing technology for the nuclear-deterrent program and the Scorpion combat-information system for the land forces, generated approximately €1 billion (US $1.1 billion) in sales last year. Despite these strategic contributions, Atos reported a record loss in 2023, compelling it to engage in restructuring talks with its banks to manage an overwhelming debt burden.

Responding to Atos’ vulnerability, the French government expressed its intent on April 27 to purchase all business segments of Atos related to national strategic interest. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire emphasized the importance of these measures, stating on LCI that the government’s role is to safeguard Atos’ strategic assets and prevent crucial technologies from falling under foreign influence.

The decision to intervene follows a breakdown in negotiations between Atos and Airbus regarding the sale of Atos’ Big Data & Security unit. The French state, aiming to protect the nation’s interests, targets assets that make up about two-thirds of this unit, valuing the transaction between €700 million and €1 billion. Atos has welcomed the government’s overture, recognizing the move as a means to preserve France’s sovereign strategic imperatives.

Due diligence processes are set to commence shortly, with Atos expecting a confirmatory non-binding offer by early June. The government has outlined a timeline providing limited exclusivity for negotiations on the targeted assets until either the end of July or the signing of a global restructuring agreement, whichever is earlier.

The acquisition will be led by the state-shareholding agency APE, with potential participation from other French entities specializing in strategic sectors such as defense and aeronautics. The involvement of these sovereign players follows the model of other key national defense companies like Naval Group and TechnicAtome, partially owned by the state and dedicated to critical endeavors such as nuclear propulsion for the military.

Finance Minister Le Maire hinted at the possibility of other French shareholders playing a role in this strategic acquisition, reinforcing the principle that only domestic entities operating in sensitive fields will be considered for participation. This reflects France’s broader policy of maintaining control over key defense and technology assets, supported by regulations requiring foreign investors to obtain government approval before investing in strategic sectors.

The French government’s move to take over Atos’ strategic assets underscores a major commitment to national security and sovereignty. By ensuring that these assets remain under French control, the state is taking a proactive stance against potential threats to its strategic interests, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding key technological capabilities within the nation.

As this situation unfolds, the government’s initiative illustrates a broader strategy to protect and stabilize critical industries that are foundational to France’s national security and technological prowess. The outcome of this acquisition will no doubt be closely watched as a significant indicator of France’s approach to securing its technological and defense-related interests against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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