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From Traffic Fine to Business Connection: A Bengaluru Man’s Unexpected Encounter With a Traffic Marshal


After Getting Fined, Bengaluru Man Exchanges Business Card With Traffic Marshal; Here’s What Happened

In an incident that could only be described as quintessentially Bengaluru, a man’s ordinary encounter with a traffic marshal, after being fined at a checkpoint, turned into an unexpected professional connection. This story, recollected by startup founder Ashish Bansal, has recently captured the hearts of netizens, showcasing the spirit of Bengaluru in a unique light.

The event traces back to 2012, when Ashish, along with two of his friends from Australia, decided to venture out on a late-night drive. Aware of the routine checkpoints set up by the city police, especially in areas like Domlur, the group was prepared, with one of them abstaining from alcohol to ensure they had a designated driver. Despite their precautions, an oversight with their Pollution Under Control certificate, which had expired, led to them being fined Rs 500 at a checkpoint.

Bansal narrates, “We were cashless way before it became a norm, but for all the wrong reasons.” At a time when digital payments weren’t as prevalent as today, and civilian volunteers began to join the ranks as traffic marshals, this fine posed a bit of a challenge for them. While Ashish was left at the checkpoint as a form of surety, his friends scrambled to locate an ATM to withdraw cash to pay the fine.

What happened next surprised everyone involved. Upon their return, Ashish’s friends found him deeply engaged in a conversation with one of the traffic marshals. Unlike most interactions at a checkpoint, theirs had taken a turn towards mutual professional interest. “This volunteer ran an advertising agency and I had just gotten into advertising 2 years back. There was a long chat about how things were, and it ended in this exchange of business cards,” said Bansal. Given the reduced traffic that night, their conversation had unhurriedly moved from traffic laws to advertising tactics.

Reflecting on this incident, Bansal fondly remarks, “It was a beautiful city then, and it still is. The people of this city make it so.” This incident, emblematic of the serendipitous interactions that can occur in Bengaluru, highlights the city’s vibrant and interconnected community.

The incident not only stands as a testament to the city’s unique charm but also sparked a variety of reactions on social media. Curious minds inquired if the fine was eventually paid, to which Bansal assured, “We did pay and even got a receipt.”

Stories like Ashish Bansal’s serve as a reminder of the small, unexpected connections that can occur in daily life, and how a simple interaction can transform into a noteworthy anecdote, especially in a city as lively and spontaneous as Bengaluru.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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