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From Wedding Planner to Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Katie Wilber’s Success with Cotswold Connected Amid Covid-19 Challenges


Former Wedding Planner Named Young Entrepreneur of the Year

In an inspiring turn of events, Katie Wilber, a dynamic entrepreneur from Ilmington, Warwickshire, has been crowned Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Midlands StartUp Awards. The accolade comes after Katie, at 28, embarked on a successful journey with her venture, Cotswold Connected, amidst the challenging backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021. Specializing in social media management, Cotswold Connected has swiftly made its mark by aiding a broad spectrum of businesses, from fledgling start-ups to seasoned international brands, in harnessing the vast potential of social media.

Katie’s prowess in social media marketing has already proven to yield phenomenal results. One of her highlighted projects involved a client that soared to virality on Instagram, amassing 2.9 million views and nearly acquiring 10,000 followers within a mere three months. This is a testament to the significant impact that Cotswold Connected has had under Katie’s stewardship.

Transitioning from a career in events and wedding planning, Katie found that her former profession significantly taxed her mental health. However, it also paved the way for her to discover her passion and acumen for social media marketing—a field where she now excels and thrives.

The initiative behind the UK StartUp Awards is to spotlight the innovative spirit and accomplishments of entrepreneurs across ten UK regions and nations, with the Midlands included. These awards endeavor to celebrate the entrepreneurial talent flourishing across all sectors of the economy. Katie eagerly anticipates the upcoming announcement in September, where she will compete on the national stage at the finals in Tring.

Reflecting on her journey, Katie shares an empowering message, “Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been, to stand up taller than you ever were.” Launching Cotswold Connected at a low point in her life, Katie credits the venture for imbuing her with strength, resilience, and self-belief at levels she had never before imagined possible.

Cotswold Connected is not just another social media management company. It offers comprehensive services including social media training, auditing, and event content creation. Katie’s innovative approach was recognized previously in 2022 when she clinched the Best Online Business award at the Stratford Herald Business & Tourism Awards.

Katie expressed her gratitude and excitement over her recent accolade, emphasizing her decade-long marketing expertise, particularly in social media. Her dedication to staying ahead of the curve by keeping abreast of the latest updates, news, and trends in social media enables Cotswold Connected to provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

The significance of entrepreneurs to the Midlands and the broader regional economy cannot be overstated, especially in light of the over 114,000 new firms established in the Midlands in 2023. This upsurge in entrepreneurship underscores the critical role these innovators play in driving economic growth and resilience.

Supporting organizations, such as Starling Bank, have lauded Katie and Cotswold Connected’s achievements. Harriet Rees, CIO at Starling Bank, extolled the virtues of courage and dedication required to translate an idea into a thriving enterprise, especially amid economic uncertainties. Congratulations to Cotswold Connected for not only winning their category but also securing a spot in this year’s prestigious national final.

As Katie Wilber looks to the future, she finds herself serendipitously blending her past and current ventures. While continuing to lead Cotswold Connected towards greater heights, she is simultaneously planning her own wedding, set for May 2025—a joyful convergence of her professional expertise and personal happiness.

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