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Futures Take a Hit: Unfolding the Impact of Tech Disappointments and Rising Bond Yields


Futures Dip On Disappointing Tech Results As Markets Brush Off Trump Verdict

As investors grapple with recent tech sector disappointments and rising bond yields, futures are showing a slight downturn. This comes in a week laden with financial revelations and political developments alike. Early in the trading session, S&P futures dipped by 0.2%, while tech-heavy Nasdaq futures saw a more substantial decline of 0.5%. Disappointing tech earnings have primarily fueled this downturn. For instance, Dell Technologies saw its stock plummet by 14% as its latest earnings failed to capture the booming AI demand expected by many. Similarly, MongoDB’s stock fell by a staggering 24%, marking a 55% decline from its year-to-date highs. This downward trend wasn’t exclusive to these companies, as other AI and tech stocks, including AMD and Micron Technology, experienced losses.

This market sentiment is occurring alongside a backdrop of rising bond yields, partly due to stronger-than-expected inflation data from Europe. The bond market reaction has been in sympathy with European government bonds, which widened after the inflation news. Moreover, the broader market is bracing for the US personal consumption expenditures (PCE) data, with expectations leaning towards a moderate increase in core PCE — the Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation gauge.

In premarket trading, the reaction in mega-cap tech stocks was mixed, reflecting a broader uncertainty in the market. For example, Nvidia experienced a slight increase, while Tesla and Apple saw declines. The overarching narrative is one of caution as markets digest the latest economic data and its implications for future monetary policy.

The verdict finding former President Donald Trump guilty on all counts in his hush-money trial seemed to have a muted impact on the markets. This might indicate that investors had already priced in the potential outcomes of the trial or are more focused on the current economic indicators and corporate earnings for market direction.

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on the core PCE data release. A downward trend in inflation could bolster hopes for a less aggressive stance on interest rates by the Fed, potentially easing some of the current market pressures. Nevertheless, the ongoing disappointment in tech earnings underscores a broader concern about whether the sector can continue to lead the market higher in the face of potential economic headwinds.

In global markets, European stocks remained largely unchanged, with losses in the tech sector offsetting gains elsewhere. Asian markets, however, showed a mixed response, failing to hold onto initial gains as concerns over Hong Kong’s equity selloff and China’s factory activity contraction weighed on investor sentiment. Despite these challenges, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index is still poised for a monthly gain, thanks to a softer dollar and renewed hopes for central bank interventions.

On the commodities front, oil and gold experienced slight fluctuations, further adding to the market’s cautious stance as investors navigate through a landscape of economic uncertainty and political developments. With the focus shifting towards the upcoming US economic data and the potential market implications, the stage is set for a period of heightened vigilance.

In sum, the market is currently navigating through a complex array of factors, from disappointing tech results to geopolitical developments and crucial economic data releases. As investors and analysts alike assess these dynamics, the coming days will likely offer clearer indicators of the market’s direction in the near term.

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