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Game-Based Finance: Teaching Kids Financial Literacy Through Interactive Play


Empowering Future Generations with Financial Literacy Through Gaming

In today’s ever-evolving financial landscape, equipping the younger generation with the tools to navigate their financial futures is paramount. A Ukrainian game, Life Capital, is pioneering this educational journey by offering children a practical and engaging way to learn financial management without bearing real-world consequences.

Life Capital, nurtured by the Partner Business Club, operates in financial literacy clubs across Ukraine’s educational institutions. Over 170 clubs have been set up since 2018, fostering a space where students from age 12 and above can learn to spend, save, and invest money wisely through the game’s simulated life scenarios that span a decade within four hours.

The inception of financial literacy clubs and the adoption of Life Capital hinge on a pressing need highlighted by a Financial Literacy survey from the National Bank of Ukraine and UNICEF U-Report. This survey revealed a moderate self-assessment of financial awareness among youths, spurring on initiatives to introduce formal education in entrepreneurship and financial literacy in schools by 2025-2026.

Life Capital stands out by immersing participants in a reflective process of making financial decisions, facing the repercussions of those choices, and learning essential concepts such as credit, investments, and taxes. This game-based learning encapsulates both theoretical knowledge and its practical application, making financial literacy not only accessible but enjoyable for young minds.

The clubs’ efforts, alongside dedicated educators like Iryna Kovalenko, have made significant strides in fostering financially literate youths. As children navigate through the game, making decisions on income, loans, and investments, they also inadvertently polish their mathematical skills and learn the value of strategic planning and responsible decision-making.

Moreover, Life Capital has catalyzed the initiation of social enterprises and financial endeavors among the students, gradually instilling an entrepreneurial spirit. Projects like the Ginger and Honey Story, which raises funds for Ukrainian soldiers, exemplify how the skills acquired through the game translate into real-world impact and social responsibility.

As the game gains international traction, with clubs opening in countries like Canada and Austria to cater to both Ukrainian expatriates and local children, Life Capital is a testament to the power of innovative approaches in education. Through this game, children not only learn about finances but also about life’s complexities, underscoring the importance of wise decision-making from an early age.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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