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GLJ Research Reduces Daqo New Energy’s Price Target: Assessing the Concerns Over Financial Stability


GLJ Research Lowers Daqo New Energy’s Price Target Amid Financial Health Concerns

In a notable market update, GLJ Research has revised its outlook on Daqo New Energy Corp (NYSE:DQ), a pivotal player in the production of high-purity polysilicon for the solar PV industry. The investment firm has decreased its price target for Daqo shares to $12.51, a significant drop from its earlier forecast of $19.66. Despite the adjustment, GLJ Research maintains a sell rating on the company’s stock.

This move comes in the wake of a critical evaluation of Daqo New Energy’s financial future. Over the past year, Daqo’s shares have faced a steep 50.6% downturn, aligning their market position closely with GLJ Research’s previous price target. The firm now signals potential further declines in share price, underlying the adjustment.

Moreover, GLJ Research expresses skepticism towards the optimistic second-quarter and full-year 2024 revenue and earnings per share projections circling Wall Street. They anticipate that the company’s actual financial outcomes could fall short of these expectations.

Concerns have also been raised about the company’s cash burn rate. GLJ’s analysis suggests that Daqo may consume more cash than currently anticipated by the market, both in the forthcoming second quarter and throughout 2024.

In light of these revelations, the adjusted price target of $12.51 echoes GLJ Research’s reservation regarding Daqo’s fiscal stability and future market performance.

Amid these analyses, Daqo New Energy recently disclosed its financial outcomes for the first quarter of 2024, delivering a mix of results. The company reported a modest production volume increase but saw a decline in net income, attributing the fall to $15.5 million from previous heights.

Nevertheless, Daqo demonstrated strategic foresight by revising its capital expenditure plans, focusing heavily on enhancing its Inner Mongolia polysilicon projects. Additionally, a reduction in production costs and a robust cash balance point to a potentially stable financial base.

Prospects seem brighter as Daqo eyes potential expansions into strategic global regions, signaling adaptive strategies amid challenging industry conditions.

GLJ Research’s pricing revision arrives amidst a backdrop of Daqo’s fluctuating market caps and valuation multiples, which InvestingPro highlights as a mixed signal for investors. Despite a stellar cash-to-debt ratio and projected profitability, the market’s current apprehension, mirrored in GLJ Research’s report, poses significant contemplation for stakeholders.

InvestingPro’s valuation insights suggest a potential undervaluation of Daqo’s shares, contrasting GLJ’s cautious stance. This divergence in analysis presents an intriguing scenario for investors, balancing between GLJ’s sell advisement and InvestingPro’s valuation estimations.

As the market watches Daqo New Energy navigate through its fiscal and operational challenges, the coming periods will be crucial for the company’s strategic positioning and for investors evaluating the polysilicon sector’s evolving landscape.

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