Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Governor Asserts Stability Fuels Unhindered Growth in Odisha


Odisha has recently been lauded for its exceptional growth across various sectors, a feat largely attributed to the state’s stable environment fostering unhindered development. Governor Raghubar Das expressed this sentiment during the Odisha Assembly’s budget session opening. He highlighted Odisha’s significant strides in hosting the World Odia Language Conference and the inauguration of the Odia University campus at Satyabadi, Puri, which aims to enrich the Odia language spoken by a vast majority of the state’s population.

Despite opposition from the Congress party, which criticized the governor’s address as overly favorable towards the state government, the governor praised Odisha’s economic growth, transformation in public service delivery, and advancements in technology that have streamlined governance. He emphasized Odisha’s role as a progressive state with notable national and global benchmarks, particularly in poverty eradication, reducing disparities, and boosting infrastructure and connectivity.

The governor also pointed out remarkable achievements in maintaining law and order, significantly reducing Left Wing Extremism (LWE), and incorporating former LWE supporters back into society through “Operation Ghar Wapsi.” Odisha’s economic indicators, such as growth rates in agriculture, industry, services, and per capita income, show promising trends, portraying the state as a fast-growing economy in the post-COVID era.

Furthermore, Odisha’s commitment to urban development, agriculture, and heritage preservation was evident in projects like making urban areas slum-free, increasing food grain production, and enhancing spiritual experiences at religious sites through infrastructure upgrades.

This collective progress underscores Odisha’s remarkable journey towards becoming a beacon of development, stability, and prosperity, setting an excellent example for other states to follow.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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