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Ground-Level Assessment Tour: Coimbatore District’s Ambitious Initiative towards Accountable Governance and Sustained Development


In an ambitious effort to directly gauge the progress of various development projects and schemes, the Coimbatore district administration launched a ground-level assessment tour in the Madukkarai and Avinashi taluks, following successful inspections in Mettupalayam and Anamalai taluks. This initiative, dubbed ‘Ungalai Thedi, Ungal Ooril’ (Seeking You, In Your Town), aims to bring administrators closer to the populace, fostering a more transparent and accountable governance model.

During this extensive outreach, District Collector Kranthi Kumar Pati, along with officials from various departments, engaged directly with residents, collecting several hundred petitions that voiced the local needs and concerns. A significant focus of this initiative was on educational outreach. The Collector personally visited the homes of students who had discontinued their schooling, including R. Sukand and Selvan, understanding their reasons and motivating them to return to their studies. Highlighting the importance of continuous learning, Mr. Pati also advised other students like Prasanna and Priyadarshini, who had dropped out after completing their Plus Two, on the benefits of enrolling in Industrial Training Institutes and polytechnic colleges.

The administration’s commitment extended beyond educational encouragement. Officials were tasked with closely monitoring the progression of various development works, ensuring the adequacy of drinking water supply, and assessing other fundamental amenities on a village-by-village basis. Noteworthy among the projects inspected were the construction of additional buildings worth ₹1.5 crore in Madukkarai municipality, a ₹1.74 crore initiative under the Kalaingar Nagarpura Melanmai Thittam, and the construction of a commercial complex valued at ₹1.57 crore in Madukkarai market.

Additionally, the team made assessments at the local government hospital, reviewing patient registers and medicine stock levels to ensure healthcare services were up to par.

Moving over to the Tiruppur district, a parallel assessment was conducted in the Avinash taluk led by District Collector T. Christuraj accompanied by 41 senior officials. Their inspection covered a breadth of ongoing work, aiming to provide first-hand insights into the district’s developmental endeavors. Mr. Christuraj’s team evaluated the Chief Minister’s Free Breakfast scheme’s impact at local schools, partook in the meals with students, and inspected major construction projects including new anganwadi centres, libraries, and commercial complexes with budgets ranging up to ₹6 crore.

Further, the team’s inspection extended to evaluating educational welfare initiatives at Thekkalur Panchayat Union Primary School, assessing food provision quality at fair price shops, and overseeing significant infrastructure projects. These projects included the construction of a bridge across the Kausika River at a cost of ₹2.52 crore, and the establishment of a working women’s hostel valued at approximately ₹6.50 crore. Other inspected works touched upon community welfare and environmental management, such as the progress in digging the Kalipalayam pond in Karulur panchayat estimated at ₹30.35 lakh.

Through the ‘Ungalai Thedi, Ungal Ooril’ initiative, Coimbatore and Tiruppur districts are setting a precedent for proactive governance. By directly engaging with constituents and visually inspecting developmental works, the administration not only ensures transparency and accountability but also promotes a sense of community and inclusion among the residents.

This unique approach of ground-level assessment serves as a model for other districts aiming to bridge the gap between the government’s promises and their fulfillment, highlighting the invaluable role of proactive governance in catalyzing community development and welfare.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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