Friday, July 19, 2024

Hainan Airlines Offers Rokid AR Glasses for In-Flight Entertainment


In a pioneering move, Hainan Airlines is introducing an advanced in-flight entertainment option for passengers on selected routes by offering Rokid augmented reality (AR) glasses. This initiative marks a significant milestone as it represents one of the first instances of AR technology being utilized for entertainment purposes on commercial flights.

Passengers are now able to engage with a variety of content including 3D movies, e-books, and interactive games through the Rokid AR glasses, transforming their in-flight experience. This initiative is a part of a broader strategy by Rokid, a Chinese tech start-up, aimed at increasing consumer awareness and interest in AR technology.

The introduction of AR glasses on flights comes as tech giant Apple gears up to launch its own Vision Pro virtual reality headset, featuring a travel mode specifically designed for air travel. However, Rokid has taken a significant leap forward by securing a partnership with Hainan Airlines, providing hundreds of its AR glasses for passenger use across more than 20 flights, free of charge.

Rokid’s founder and CEO, Misa Zhu, has expressed excitement over this collaboration, indicating ongoing discussions with various other airlines, including a major international operator, to adopt similar partnerships. While the deal with Hainan Airlines is seen more as a marketing initiative, it underscores the growing interest in AR technology’s applications in the aviation and broader transportation industry.

This innovative step by Hainan Airlines, coupled with Rokid’s strategic vision, could pave the way for a new era of in-flight entertainment, offering passengers not just content to consume, but interactive experiences to immerse themselves in during their travels.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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