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Hong Kong’s Reinforcement as a Global Talent Hub: Insights from the Inaugural Global Talent Summit


MIL-OSI Asia-Pac: HK’s Role as Talent Hub Reinforced

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Government recently hosted the inaugural Global Talent Summit, marking a significant step towards reinforcing Hong Kong’s status as an international talent hub. This event gathered over a thousand participants from around the globe, with an additional 2,500 engaging online, to discuss and explore the avenues of talent development and recruitment over the course of two days.

The summit comprised the International Talent Forum, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area High-quality Talent Development Conference, and the CareerConnect Expo, which featured nearly 100 exhibitors. This comprehensive approach aimed to address the multifaceted aspect of talent attraction, development, and retention in the region.

In a move to enhance convenience and promote professional exchanges, the Mainland has expanded the talent exit endorsement policy. This adjustment allows Mainland professionals in key sectors such as scientific research, education, healthcare, and legal practice, from select cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and nine Greater Bay Area cities, multiple entries and exits within the validity of their endorsement. This policy is a stride towards making Hong Kong an accessible gateway for Greater Bay Area professionals and fortifies its position as China’s international talent hub.

As the world grapples with post-pandemic economic revival and increasing geopolitical tensions, the quest for talent has intensified. Talent drives innovation, which in turn fuels economic growth and competitiveness. Hong Kong, with its unique position of “one country, two systems,” offers a blend of global and China advantages, making it an attractive destination for talent seeking to excel in their fields.

The city’s institutional strengths—such as a simple and low tax system, an international market, and the free flow of information and capital—are complemented by a robust legal system and an evolving status as a tech and cultural hub. Furthermore, Hong Kong’s quality of life, from its multicultural environment to its natural splendor, adds to its appeal as not just a place to work, but also to live and thrive.

The SAR Government is proactive in nurturing and attracting talent. Initiatives to welcome international professionals have seen significant success, with over 120,000 talented individuals making Hong Kong their home since late 2022. The collaborative effort between the government and the private sector is essential in sustaining this momentum.

Supporting talents extends beyond policy adjustments. The establishment of Talent Engage under the Labour & Welfare Bureau exemplifies the comprehensive approach towards offering support services for incoming professionals. These include assistance with job hunting, accommodation, schooling, banking services, and networking, ensuring a smooth transition for those relocating to Hong Kong.

In addition to local efforts, partnerships and cooperation extend across the Greater Bay Area, highlighting the collaborative spirit aimed at fostering a vibrant talent ecosystem across the region. Entities such as the Human Resources & Social Security Department of Guangdong Province, and associations focused on talent and economic development, play a vital role in this endeavor.

The summit not only served as a platform for dialogues on talent development but also as an invitation to experience Hong Kong’s rich cultural and recreational offerings. Participants were encouraged to explore the city’s diverse attractions, blending professional engagement with personal exploration.

As Hong Kong continues to solidify its position as a leading talent hub, the collective effort of the government, private sector, and international community will be crucial in shaping a promising future for talent development in the region and beyond.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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