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IBT Learning Africa Pioneers Startup Fund to Empower Tech Bootcamp Graduates


IBT Learning Africa Launches Innovative Startup Fund to Support Bootcamp Students and Graduates

In a significant move to bolster technological innovation across Africa, IBT Learning Solutions is proud to announce the introduction of its Startup Fund aimed at empowering bootcamp graduates with not just knowledge, but the financial backing and mentorship they need to transform their tech startup dreams into reality. This pioneering initiative is set to invest between $5,000 and $20,000 into high-potential, tech-enabled startup ideas presented by graduates of African bootcamps.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, with an expansive operational reach in North America and Africa, IBT Learning Solutions is an esteemed EdTech startup that has established a substantial presence in the technological training space. The bootcamp’s core mission revolves around equipping participants with the requisite skills to either secure lucrative jobs within the tech industry or venture into entrepreneurship by creating startups aimed at addressing critical African challenges.

Godspower Oboido, Founder and CEO of IBT Learning Solutions, underlines the fund’s significance in nurturing a new generation of tech leaders. “At IBT Learning, we are committed to more than just training. We aim to furnish our graduates with the necessary tools and resources to make a significant mark in the technology ecosystem,” Oboido explains. “The launch of the Startup Fund is a reflection of our dedication to fostering entrepreneurship among our talented graduates.”

Eligibility for the Startup Fund is extended to all graduates of IBT Learning Africa’s Tech Boot Camp who meet certain criteria. This includes possessing a technology-enabled startup concept at the pre-seed stage that not only offers innovative solutions but also promises to make a profound impact on various African challenges. Candidates will undergo a stringent selection process, with the successful ones receiving crucial financial aid, mentorship, and unparalleled access to IBT Learning Africa’s broad network of industry connections.

Susan Odurinde, Director of Partnerships at IBT Learning, emphasizes the comprehensive nature of the support system accompanying the fund. “Beneficiaries will gain access to a closed network of mentors and potential investors, all geared towards guiding them through the intricate process of launching and scaling their startups,” Odurinde details.

To qualify for the IBT Learning Africa Startup Fund, applicants must be current students or graduates of the bootcamp, have a startup idea in the pre-seed stage that’s technology-enabled, showcase the potential for innovation and impact, demonstrate a commitment to actively engage in offered mentorship programs, and aim to address local challenges within Africa through their startup.

Funded entirely by IBT Learning, the Startup Fund embodies the organization’s unwavering commitment to fueling innovation and entrepreneurship within the African tech industry. IBT Learning, besides its role as a prominent training bootcamp, is an official partner of global tech giants including IBM, AWS Partner Network, Linux Professional Institute, and CompTIA among others. Its focus on practical, hands-on learning and an industry-relevant curriculum ensures that students are well-prepared to thrive in a dynamic technological landscape.

IBT Learning Solutions is more than just a bootcamp; it’s a gateway to the future for aspiring tech professionals and entrepreneurs across Africa, providing the skills, financial support, and mentorship necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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