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India Holds 3rd Position in USGBC’s Global Green Building Certification Rankings


India Ranks 3rd in USGBC’s Global List on Green Building Certification

India has secured the third spot in the annual ranking of the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) top 10 countries and regions for LEED, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, in 2023. This prominent position underscores India’s commitment to adopting sustainable building practices.

The LEED certification is a prestigious marker of sustainability achievement globally, covering almost all building types. This certification system aims to create healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings, as stated by the USGBC.

While the United States was not included in this list, it is important to note that it continues to be the largest LEED market globally, with over 51 million Gross Square Metres (GSM) certified within the year. However, leading the 2023 rankings were mainland China and Canada, clinching the first and second spots, respectively. China saw over 24 million GSM certified, while Canada reported 7.9 million GSM.

In India, 248 projects were LEED certified, spanning across buildings and spaces, which together cover 7.23 million GSM. This achievement not only highlights India’s dedication to sustainable development but also its role as a leader in the global movement towards green building.

The annual rankings by USGBC are a testament to the progress and dedication of countries and regions outside of the United States towards embracing sustainable, resilient building designs, construction, and operations. In India, the Green Business Certification Inc (GBCI) administers LEED, further emphasizing the country’s commitment to environmental leadership.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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