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Inflection Point Ventures: Celebrating 14 Successful Exits in 2023 – A Testament to Strategic Angel Investment


Inflection Point Ventures Celebrates Resounding Success with 14 Exits in 2023

Inflection Point Ventures (IPV), known for being India’s most active angel investment platform, has announced a remarkable achievement of 14 exits in 2023, delivering an impressive Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 61% to its investors. This achievement comes at a time when the market has faced numerous challenges, highlighting IPV’s strategic adaptability and unwavering commitment to its investment philosophy.

In a standout exit of the year, IPV fully exited from Project Light, yielding an extraordinary 217% IRR, equivalent to approximately 40x Multiple on Money (MOM), showcasing the high-growth potential of startups within the IPV portfolio. The platform also celebrated partial exits from 11 startups, including notable names like Oorjaa, Devnagri, Aerem, and Ishitva, with returns ranging from 20% to 97%, and an average IRR of 80%. These successful exits covered investments made by over 1,000 individuals, emphasizing the widespread impact and lucrative returns facilitated by IPV’s strategic investment approach.

Vinay Bansal, Founder & CEO of Inflection Point Ventures, expressed his optimism, stating, “Despite the ongoing funding winter, IPV has stood out as the most active angel investing platform in India. Our focused investment strategy and dedication to sustainable and innovative startups position us to continually identify high-potential startups in 2024.”

Through its proactive post-investment support strategies, particularly the LetsGrow program, IPV has significantly contributed to the success of its portfolio companies. This program underscores IPV’s commitment to nurturing lasting partnerships with founders by providing access to global networks, CXO expertise, and robust business guidance. One of the success stories of this initiative is the strategic M&A between portfolio companies Sportido and Hudle, demonstrating IPV’s ability to facilitate synergistic opportunities that benefit both founders and investors.

Ankur Mittal, Co-Founder of IPV, remarked on the platform’s investment philosophy, “Our core belief in backing exceptional founders at reasonable valuations has consistently led to successful exits for our investors. IPV enables startups to scale effectively by leveraging our extensive network for capital infusion and mentorship.”

Despite a challenging year for the global startup ecosystem, IPV’s portfolio has demonstrated resilience and growth. Historically viewed as a high-risk asset class, startup investing through IPV has shown a significantly lower failure rate compared to industry standards. This achievement aligns with IPV’s mission to enhance startup success tenfold.

Mitesh Shah, Co-Founder of IPV, highlighted the platform’s future-oriented vision, “As we entered the final quarter of 2023, we’ve begun to witness a strong recovery and a vibrant funding cycle in 2024. We are committed to maintaining an active investment thesis and supporting our startups through subsequent funding rounds.”

In 2023, IPV evaluated over 7,000 startups and funded 56 deals, including 10 uprounds, underscoring its role as a crucial supporter of founders in subsequent funding stages. With an expanding member base across 46+ countries, IPV’s approach to democratizing early-stage investments has attracted a diverse group of over 12,000 investors, making it simpler for individuals to participate in the startup ecosystem.

About Inflection Point Ventures & Physis Capital: Inflection Point Ventures leverages its network of CXOs, HNIs, and professionals to invest in startups across various sectors. By offering monetary and experiential capital, IPV connects entrepreneurs with investors to fuel growth and innovation. The recent launch of Physis Capital, a $50 million CAT 2 AIF, underscores IPV’s commitment to supporting growth-stage startups from pre-Series A to Series B.

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