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Introducing Gardenia Plaza Mall: A Game-changer in Commercial Real Estate Spearheaded by Mekky Developments


Mekky Developments Collaborates with Leading Consulting Firms to Launch Gardenia Plaza Mall in New Cairo

In a significant move towards expanding its real estate portfolio, Mekky Developments has taken the wraps off its latest venture, the Gardenia Plaza Mall. This innovative project occupies a sprawling 3,000 sqm in New Cairo, backed by investments exceeding EGP 800m, setting a new benchmark in the commercial real estate domain.

Ahmed Mekky, the Chairman of Mekky Developments, shared insights into the company’s ambitions, underlining its commitment to fueling real estate innovation and broadening its market footprint by launching high-quality developments. The firm’s strategy targets establishing a robust presence in high-demand areas, catering to a diverse clientele seeking premium real estate solutions.

Gardenia Plaza Mall, strategically positioned at the nexus of Mohamed Naguib Axis and Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis near Live Sports Club and Houria Selim Mosque, promises a unique blend of administrative, medical, and commercial facilities. The mall stretches over approximately 3,000 sqm, featuring a ground floor plus two additional levels, with an ambitious completion and delivery timeline set for the end of 2026.

Offering a wide array of unique units, the mall caters to commercial, administrative, and medical needs with spaces starting from 35 sqm for commercial units and 30 sqm for administrative and medical ones. Mekky Developments has launched the project with an array of flexible payment plans, accommodating varying customer preferences with down payments commencing at 10% and repayments spread over 72 months.

The project’s initial phase is poised for launch, promising attractive discounts for early investors during the offering period. Moreover, loyal clients of Mekky Developments are assured exclusive benefits and special discounts, reinforcing the company’s commitment to rewarding its customer base.

A crucial aspect of the Gardenia Plaza Mall’s development strategy is its collaboration with leading consulting firms, including Arkan Consultants, Arch 5 Studio, and Incomercial. This partnership aims to weave sustainable development practices and smart building technologies into the fabric of the project, ensuring an eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing environment that aligns with customers’ evolving lifestyles.

Mohamed Shehata, CEO of InCommercial Property Group, expressed enthusiasm about working with Mekky Developments for the second time. He highlighted Incomercial’s objective to provide a spectrum of specialized consulting services focusing on comfort, safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency, contributing to an enhanced experience for visitors and tenants alike.

Incomercial is set to spearhead organizational processes to optimize facility operations, ensuring a seamless interface for both tenants and visitors. The firm will also curate a comprehensive mix of products for the project, strategically managing the distribution of activities within the commercial area to facilitate smooth movement across units and floors, underscoring their commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

As Gardenia Plaza Mall progresses towards its completion, it stands as a testament to Mekky Developments’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of real estate development, creating spaces that offer luxury, comfort, and enjoyment, catering to a growing demand for high-quality commercial, administrative, and medical facilities in New Cairo.

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