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Introducing Honest Farms: DeHaat’s Strategic Advancement into the Direct-to-Consumer Agrifood Market


Introducing Honest Farms: DeHaat’s Leap into Agrifood Consumer Brands

In a strategic expansion of its agritech domain, DeHaat has recently unveiled its very own consumer brand, Honest Farms, stepping into the direct-to-consumer marketplace. This launch follows on the heels of DeHaat’s acquisition of the fruit export division of Freshtrop Fruits, an Ahmedabad-based entity, marking a significant advancement in its business model. With the backing of reputable investors such as Peak XV Partners and Sofina Ventures, DeHaat is poised to make an impactful entrance into the consumer agrifood sector.

True to its innovative approach to agriculture, DeHaat has introduced Honest Farms across various retail platforms, including modern trade, quick commerce, and ecommerce platforms. This new brand boasts an impressive array of 200 stock keeping units (SKUs), spanning essential categories such as pulses, rice, and spices. Despite its nascent stage, Honest Farms is setting a precedent for brand growth and customer acquisition strategies, opting for a product-first approach rather than heavy marketing investments. According to DeHaat’s founder and CEO, Shashank Kumar, the goal is to secure the first 100,000 consumers purely on the merit of the product offerings, sidestepping the conventional heavy spending on advertising and promotions typically seen in new product launches.

Founded in 2012 by Shashank Kumar, Amrendra Singh, Shyam Sundar, and Adarsh Srivastav, DeHaat has established itself as a comprehensive agritech solution provider. Based out of Patna and Gurugram, the company is dedicated to augmenting the agricultural ecosystem by providing end-to-end support to farmers. DeHaat’s diverse services encompass the distribution of high-quality agricultural inputs, customized farm advisory, financial services access, and market linkage opportunities for selling their produce. This holistic approach has enabled DeHaat to create a significant impact on the agricultural sector, streamlining processes for farmers, and enhancing their productivity and profitability.

Over the years, DeHaat has built a robust digital network, serving more than 2 million farmers across 11 states in India. This network is supported by over 11,000 ‘DeHaat Centers’, a testament to the company’s commitment to making farming more accessible and lucrative for farmers nationwide. The introduction of Honest Farms as a consumer brand is a natural extension of DeHaat’s mission to revolutionize agriculture in India. By bridging the gap between farmers and end consumers, DeHaat is not only improving the market access for agricultural produce but also ensuring that consumers have access to high-quality, farm-fresh products.

The foray of DeHaat into the consumer brand space is indicative of a broader trend among B2B supply chain and market linkage service providers. As these companies expand their value proposition by entering the consumer market, they bring with them a deep understanding of agricultural operations and supply chain management, setting the stage for innovative, sustainable, and consumer-friendly agricultural products. With Honest Farms, DeHaat is making a bold statement about the future of agriculture and retail, marking the beginning of a new chapter in its journey to transform India’s agricultural landscape.

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