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JSW Steel Launches New State-of-the-Art Integrated Steel Plant and Industrial Complex in Odisha: A Boost for Local Economy and Sustainability


JSW Steel Embarks on a Monumental Journey with a New Steel Plant in Odisha

In a significant development for Odisha’s industrial landscape, JSW Steel has initiated the construction of a state-of-the-art 13.2 million tonne per annum integrated steel plant and industrial complex in Paradip. This ambitious project, which marks a major milestone in the company’s expansion plans, is set to fortify its position within the steel industry while promising substantial economic benefits for the region.

The project, with an estimated investment of up to ₹65,000 crore by the JSW Group and its listed entity, JSW Steel, encompasses not just the advanced steel manufacturing unit but also a comprehensive industrial complex. Integral to this complex are a captive power plant, cargo-handling jetties, a cement manufacturing unit, and a residential township for the workforce, ensuring a self-sustained ecosystem.

The initiative is poised to have a transformative impact on the local economy, anticipating the creation of approximately 30,000 job opportunities. This will not only bolster employment but is expected to stimulate growth in ancillary and downstream sectors. Being at the forefront of adopting green technologies and circular economy practices, the complex is designed to set benchmarks in environmental sustainability, cleanliness, and greenery.

Sajjan Jindal, Chairman of the JSW Group, emphasized the pivotal role of steel in nation-building and the profound effect such manufacturing facilities have on economic development and uplifting the standard of living for future generations. He expressed his vision for the Odisha plant to eventually become the world’s premier steel manufacturing facility.

In preparation for this extensive project, the Industrial Development Corporation of Odisha has allocated 2,958 acres of land to JSW. Significantly, the initiative includes a commitment to environmental preservation, with 30% of the project land dedicated to forest and water body conservation.

This development is a continuation of JSW Steel’s remarkable growth story over the past three decades. From its inception as a single unit, the company has evolved into India’s leading integrated steel manufacturer. Currently, with a capacity of 29.7 million tonnes per annum across its operations in India and the USA, JSW Steel has outlined a strategic growth plan to enhance its total capacity to 38.5 million tonnes per annum by FY25. The company’s flagship manufacturing facility in Vijayanagar, Karnataka, which is the largest single-location steel-producing facility in India, forms the backbone of this expansive network.

JSW Steel’s products, known for their quality and durability, find extensive applications across various sectors, including construction, infrastructure, automotive, electrical applications, and appliances.

In line with its growth trajectory, earlier this week, JSW Steel also announced a collaborative venture with JFE Steel Corporation of Japan. This 50:50 joint venture is set to invest ₹5,500 crore for producing Grain Oriented Electrical Steel in Karnataka, further diversifying JSW Steel’s product portfolio.

Additionally, the JSW Group has declared plans to invest ₹40,000 crore in an integrated Electric Vehicles (EV) and EV Battery Manufacturing Project in Odisha. This venture is expected to generate over 11,000 employment opportunities, underscoring the Group’s commitment to contributing to India’s economic growth and environmental sustainability.

As JSW Steel breaks ground on this monumental project in Odisha, it not only reaffirms its commitment to industrial growth and innovation but also reflects its dedication to social responsibility and environmental stewardship. The Paradip integrated steel plant and industrial complex promise to be a beacon of modernity, sustainability, and economic prosperity for Odisha and India at large.

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