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Landmark Achievement: South Africa Celebrates First Primary Budget Surplus in Over a Decade


Government welcomes achievement of primary budget surplus

In an unprecedented financial milestone, the South African Government has proudly announced the attainment of the country’s first primary budget surplus in over a decade and a half. This significant fiscal achievement comes under the guidance and leadership of President Cyril Ramaphosa and his sixth administration. It marks a pivotal moment for the nation’s economy, signifying the first occurrence of a budget surplus since the turbulent times predating the 2008 global financial crisis.

The Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) broke the news, attributing this success to the steadfast backing provided by President Ramaphosaa, the Minister of Finance, and the collective efforts of the entire Cabinet of the sixth administration. The journey to this fiscal triumph was not without its hurdles. The economy faced a multitude of challenges including the aftermath of the global financial downturn, the repercussions of state capture, the daunting economic constraints ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the civil unrest experienced in July 2021.

Despite these obstacles, the sixth administration implemented strict fiscal measures, aimed at stabilizing and improving the country’s economic landscape. These included the introduction of cost-cutting initiatives within governmental operations, reduction in bailouts to state-owned enterprises, and the enforcement of stringent performance monitoring to enhance efficiency. Furthermore, the administration took strategic steps in deploying multi-disciplinary intervention teams, collaborating with the private sector where feasible to engineer turnarounds in key state-owned companies, thereby fueling them towards self-sustainability.

In efforts to bolster the economy, the government also prioritized infrastructure development and maintained open lines of communication with business and labour leaders, acknowledging the importance of their insights and contributions towards driving economic growth.

Looking ahead, with the advent of the seventh administration, the government is well-placed to build on this fiscal accomplishment. The budget surplus presents a favorable backdrop for the implementation of the outstanding objectives outlined in Vision 2030 – the National Development Plan. This long-term strategic blueprint seeks to address key socio-economic challenges through fast-tracked economic growth, job creation, and the fostering of public-private partnerships, among other strategic initiatives.

The government remains adamant about the importance of collaboration across all sectors to realize these ambitions, acknowledging that a united effort is essential for the nation to navigate towards a prosperous future marked by substantial economic growth and stability.

As South Africa celebrates this monumental fiscal achievement, the focus firmly remains on leveraging this success to fuel the engine of progress, driving the nation closer to realizing the comprehensive goals of Vision 2030 and beyond.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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