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Lennart Sten Overcomes Doubts to Become New Chair of Swedish Real Estate Giant SBB


SBB Shareholders Elect Lennart Sten as New Chair

In a significant turn of events, Lennart Sten has been elected as the new chair of the board for the Swedish real estate giant, Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden (SBB), despite doubts raised by proxy advisers regarding his appointment. This election took place during the company’s recent annual general meeting, marking a new chapter in its leadership.

Lennart Sten, who has previously served as a senior adviser to the SBB board, will be stepping into the shoes of Lennart Schuss. Schuss has been at the helm as the chair of the board since 2017 and has witnessed first-hand the company’s soaring triumphs and its subsequent challenges amidst a fluctuating market.

SBB, once celebrated as a standout performer on the stock market, has encountered significant hurdles over the past years. The company’s financial health has been under pressure, with its credit ratings taking a hit and its share price experiencing a considerable drop from the highs observed in 2021. This downturn is primarily attributed to the rising interest rates, which have adversely affected the company’s earnings and overall market performance.

The conversation surrounding Sten’s appointment was further complicated by recommendations from influential proxy advisers, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and Glass Lewis. Both organizations had advised shareholders against endorsing Sten for the chair position, voicing concerns over his existing commitments. According to reports, the proxy advisers highlighted that Sten’s current roles as chair at other prominent property companies, KlaraBo and CLS Holdings, might pose a challenge in terms of his capacity to dedicate the necessary attention and resources to SBB.

Despite these reservations, the shareholders’ choice to elect Sten illustrates their trust in his capabilities and the value he is expected to bring to SBB in navigating through its present challenges. With a new leader at the helm, SBB is poised for a period of transformation, aiming to rebuild its market standing and continue its mission of creating sustainable urban environments.

The appointment of Lennart Sten represents a pivotal moment for SBB, as it seeks to turn the page on recent difficulties and embark on a path toward recovering its status as a leader in the real estate sector. Under Sten’s guidance, the company is optimistic about its future, ready to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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