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May Airfare Deals: Minneapolis to Dublin from $476 – The Return of Direct Flights and Rising Airline Competition


Airfare alert: Minneapolis to Dublin in May, from $476

Travel enthusiasts in Minneapolis-St. Paul have a reason to rejoice as direct flights to Dublin are on the horizon once more. Not only does this mark the return of convenient travel options to Ireland, but the resurgence of airline competition is also ushering in some enticingly low fares this spring.

Aer Lingus is set to recommence its direct flights from MSP International Airport to the Irish capital starting April 29. Early birds looking to travel on May 4 can find round-trip fares aboard an Airbus A330 for as low as $520, based on recent searches. However, as the spring and summer seasons progress, prices are expected to climb into the $600s and higher. This starting fare, it should be noted, falls under Aer Lingus’ “Saver” category, offering the most basic of amenities. For an additional $170, travelers can opt for the “Smart” fare, which provides more flexibility including the waiving of fees for checked baggage, seat selection, and ticket changes.

However, it’s Delta Air Lines that’s currently stepping up the competition by offering even lower fares. Hot on the heels of Aer Lingus’ announcement, Delta revealed its plans to launch its own MSP to Dublin route starting May 9. Travelers can snag round-trip tickets for select departures between May 11 and June 6 at starting rates as low as $476 aboard a widebody Boeing 767. This fare is tied to Delta’s Basic Economy class, which comes with restrictions that can be lifted by upgrading to Main Cabin for an additional $220, totaling $679, for the comfort of free seat selection, a checked bag, and flexible ticket changes.

For the price-conscious and flexible travelers, the chance to secure a great deal with either carrier should not be missed. Aer Lingus’ return is not just welcome news for its direct connectivity to Dublin but also for the access it facilitates to numerous other destinations across the British Isles and Europe. For instance, flying to Amsterdam via Aer Lingus could potentially be more cost-effective than direct routes offered by other airlines.

Moreover, the airline allows for layovers in Dublin that can last up to 24 hours, presenting a fantastic opportunity for travelers to explore the Irish capital as part of a larger European adventure. This potential for a brief yet enriching stopover adds another layer of appeal to choosing Aer Lingus for your next trip across the Atlantic.

In summary, the burgeoning airline competition at MSP International Airport is shaping up to be a big win for travelers looking to explore Dublin and beyond this May. With fares starting as low as $476, now might be the perfect time to book that dream trip to Ireland and perhaps even sneak in a mini excursion to another European city along the way.

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Alexandra Bennett
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