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Meri Mitti: A 14-Year-Old’s Social Impact Startup Transforming the Landscape of Ethical Commerce


In an unprecedented achievement, 14-year-old Ahan Dasgupta’s social impact startup, Meri Mitti, has garnered notable recognition from the Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (Government of India) as well as by Startup India. This acknowledgment is not only a testament to the young prodigy’s vision but also opens up a myriad of opportunities, including potential access to prestigious government funding.

Meri Mitti introduces a revolutionary platform that empowers artisans to market their products directly to consumers worldwide. By bypassing the traditional, and oftentimes exploitative, middlemen system, it ensures that buyers receive products at fair prices while artisans enjoy the full profit of their sales. With the Meri Mitti app currently in Beta testing, it stands on the brink of transforming the ethical commerce landscape.

From its inception two years ago at the age of 12, Ahan Dasgupta has been at the helm of Meri Mitti. Registered as a non-profit in both India and Singapore, the young founder’s initiative reflects a deep-seated desire to effect tangible, positive change across the globe.

Receiving this commendation, especially from such prestigious entities, is a great honor for Ahan. “It’s great to receive recognition, especially from the government,” Ahan remarked. “And this is just the beginning. I hope Meri Mitti makes great strides in the future.”

Born in Singapore and relocating to Dubai at the tender age of 6, Ahan is currently a Year 10 student at Dubai International Academy (Emirates Hills). This move has only broadened his worldly outlook, igniting a fervent passion for social entrepreneurship and sustainability that underlies the mission of Meri Mitti.

Ahan’s journey with Meri Mitti is an inspiring reminder of the power of youthful innovation and the impact of social entrepreneurship. As Meri Mitti continues to develop, it stands as a beacon of hope for ethical commerce, promising a fairer, more equitable market for artisans and consumers alike.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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