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Mixed Trends and Steady Figures: Overview of Daily Mortgage Rates for May 23, 2024


Daily Mortgage Rates for May 23, 2024: Rates Steady on 30-Year, 15-Year Terms

As we head into the latter part of May 2024, the landscape of mortgage rates offers a mixed bag of stability and minute fluctuations, reinforcing the complexity of the current financial market. On Thursday, May 23, 2024, we saw daily mortgage rates maintain a steady position, providing a semblance of predictability for potential homeowners and refinancers alike.

The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage currently stands at 7.03% for new home purchases and slightly higher at 7.06% for those looking to refinance, marking a notable decrease from the rates observed just a week ago. Meanwhile, the 15-year fixed mortgage rates are tracking at an average of 6.43% for purchases and 6.49% for refinance, indicating a favorable trend for those considering shorter loan terms.

Mortgage Rates Overview for May 23, 2024

  • 30-year fixed rate: 7.03%
  • 20-year fixed rate: 6.73%
  • 15-year fixed rate: 6.43%
  • 10-year fixed rate: 6.38%
  • 5/1 adjustable rate mortgage: 6.55%
  • 30-year fixed FHA rate: 6.96%
  • 30-year fixed VA rate: 7.09%
  • 30-year fixed jumbo rate: 7.14%

Insights from Freddie Mac’s Weekly Mortgage Report

According to the latest data from Freddie Mac’s Prime Mortgage Market Survey, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged at 7.02%, showing a slight decrease. Similarly, the 15-year fixed-rate mortgages dipped to an average of 6.28%, further underscoring the current downtrend in rates. This comes after a period of heightened rates reflective of broader economic conditions, including inflation pressures and the Federal Reserve’s strategies concerning the federal funds rate.

Driving Factors Behind Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are influenced by an array of factors including, but not limited to, inflation rates, economic conditions, and Federal Reserve policies. Notably, personal factors such as credit score, down payment amount, loan terms, and the nature of the rate (fixed vs. adjustable) play critical roles in determining individual mortgage rates.

The Federal Reserve’s Influence

As of the latest meeting on May 1, 2024, the Federal Reserve opted to maintain the federal funds target interest rate steady, marking a sustained approach to addressing inflation without further rate hikes. This decision factors significantly into mortgage rate forecasts and serves as a critical marker for both lenders and borrowers navigating the housing market.

Looking Ahead

With the Federal Reserve’s next policy meeting looming in June, market participants are keenly awaiting any hints of rate adjustments which could signal shifts in mortgage rate trajectories. However, it’s important for prospective homebuyers to stay informed and consider the broader market conditions when planning their mortgage endeavors.


The stability in mortgage rates as observed on May 23, 2024, offers a window of opportunity for those considering entering the housing market or refinancing existing loans. While the broader economic indicators and Federal Reserve policies continue to shape the landscape, individual factors such as credit score and down payment also play essential roles in securing favorable mortgage rates.

Mortgage rates, while subject to change, provide a snapshot of the current financial environment and its impact on one of the most significant financial decisions many will make. As such, understanding the multifaceted nature of mortgage rates is crucial in navigating the path to homeownership or refinancing in 2024.

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