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Morecambe: A Fallen Seaside Paradise or Misunderstood Gem? Evaluating the State of a UK Resort Town


‘Utterly Disgraceful’ Seaside Town Described as ‘Past Point of No Return’

A once beloved UK seaside resort, Morecambe, has fallen from grace, receiving harsh criticism from both locals and visitors. The Lancashire town, famous in its prime for drawing large numbers of tourists, is now compared to a “deserted film set,” with many believing it has crossed the “point of no return.”

The decline of traditional British seaside holiday destinations has been precipitated by the availability of affordable flights and vacation packages to foreign destinations, leaving towns like Morecambe struggling to maintain their former glory.

A distressed visitor shared their disappointment on Tripadvisor, reflecting nostalgically on the town’s past. They reminisced about the era when the Victorians and Edwardians flocked to Morecambe, heralding its grand railway station and the stylish Midland Hotel. However, they bemoaned the present state of neglect and demolition that has befallen the town’s majestic architecture, questioning whether Morecambe has indeed reached the point of no return, resembling “a deserted Hollywood film set.”

Another visitor’s commentary painted a bleak picture of the town, labeling it “dreadful [and] dreary,” with the singular saving grace being the picturesque seafront. Despite acknowledging the warmth of the local people, they cautioned, “the town, it’s a hell hole. Avoid.”

Despite the town’s apparent decline, not all feedback was negative. One individual praised Morecambe Bay’s natural beauty but advised against exploring beyond the seafront, describing their nightlife experience as the worst they’ve had.

Conversely, another reviewer shared a more upbeat account, enjoying a “Lovely family day out” with plenty to see and do in Morecambe.

In defense of Morecambe, Councillor Catherine Potter of Lancaster City Council, who oversees leisure and tourism, highlighted the town’s enduring appeal. She emphasized the beauty of the seaside views, sandy beaches, and revitalized promenade, pointing out that Morecambe continues to draw visitors and positive experiences. Efforts are being made to ensure the town’s legacy lives on, notably through the development of Eden Project Morecambe.

The government has earmarked a £50 million investment towards this initiative, a figure that forms part of a larger £100 million plan aiming to rejuvenate the area. Inspired by Cornwall’s Eden Project, this endeavor hopes to transform Morecambe into a modern seaside destination while creating jobs and stimulating the local economy.

Barrie Stimpson, a former professional footballer with roots in Morecambe, reminisced about the town’s golden years but acknowledged its current challenges. He remains optimistic, though, citing the town’s prime location and the potential resurgence initiatives like Eden Project Morecambe could bring.

Despite these challenges, and even being named the fifth worst coastal town according to a report, there is a lingering hope among supporters and residents that Morecambe can indeed reinvent itself. As initiatives like the Eden Project take shape, they hold the promise of reintroducing Morecambe as a vibrant seaside resort fit for the 21st century, harking back to its days of glory with a modern twist.

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