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Najm: Championing Digital Innovation and Road Safety at LEAP 2024 Conference


Najm Sponsors the 3rd Edition of LEAP 2024

In a significant move towards fostering digital innovation and road safety in the Kingdom, Najm for Insurance Services has proudly announced its participation as a sponsor in the highly anticipated LEAP 2024 conference. This landmark technology event is set to unfold from March 4 to 7, 2024, within the expansive halls of the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center.

With a laser focus on introducing its state-of-the-art digital services and initiatives, Najm is set to embark on a mission to underscore its transformative journey in the digital realm. A pivotal aspect of its participation revolves around amplifying the message of traffic safety. By leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems and data analytics, Najm is not just promoting safety on the roads but is pioneering as the quintessential digital ally for insurance entities across the Kingdom.

Preparations are in full swing as Najm designs a notable pavilion strategically placed at the entrance of Hall No. (1). This setup is meticulously planned to captivate the interest of key demographics including the general public and media representatives. Here, attendants will be provided with an exclusive glimpse into Najm’s innovative technological advancements aimed at bolstering road safety and enhancing community wellbeing.

Najm’s CEO, Mr. Mohammad Al-Shehri, shared his enthusiasm about participating in LEAP 2024, highlighting it as a testament to Najm’s significant strides in digital transformation. He elaborated on the company’s integral role in fostering a comprehensive network that bolsters Najm’s services throughout the Kingdom. “Our modern and sophisticated data center,” Al-Shehri noted, “not only supports cloud-based solutions but is fortified against cyber threats, thereby ensuring the uninterrupted protection of Najm’s network.”

Al-Shehri further detailed how Najm is optimizing automated services to streamline operations with partners and governmental bodies, employing an advanced connectivity framework powered by AI technologies. This robust information infrastructure is pivotal in delivering innovative services, ultimately boosting customer and partner satisfaction levels.

The LEAP conference has established itself as a cornerstone technology event regionally, attracting a plethora of attendees keen on exploring the technological horizons. With expectations to host over 1,800 exhibitors, 1,000 speakers, and 600 start-up companies, the event promises an engaging platform for over 170,000 visitors. This gathering offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse in the latest innovations spearheaded by the world’s leading tech giants.

As a pivotal player in the Kingdom’s insurance sector since its inception in 2007, Najm for Insurance Services stands as a testament to committed excellence in the vehicle insurance realm. With a wide-reaching impact across 44 cities in the Kingdom, Najm is dedicated to offering comprehensive insurance solutions and services. Powered by a skilled workforce, Najm continues to forge paths towards a safer, more connected Saudi Arabia.

The anticipation for LEAP 2024 is palpable, with Najm at the forefront of this digital transformation journey. As the event promises to unveil the next wave of technological advancements, Najm’s role in shaping a safer, more digitally integrated Kingdom remains unequivocal.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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