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New Bossjob Feature: A Benefit to Pinoy Freelancers


Bossjob Introduces a Groundbreaking Feature to Empower Pinoy Freelancers

In a significant move designed to create more opportunities for Filipino freelancers, Bossjob, a leading job search platform, has rolled out an innovative feature that caters to employers seeking talents across Asia. This development opens up a plethora of remote work opportunities for Filipino freelancers in search of additional income avenues.

Bossjob new feature to benefit Pinoy freelancers

The company announced on a recent Wednesday that its platform has been upgraded to allow recruiters to post job openings that are accessible not just locally, but also to applicants from specific countries across the region and globally. This strategic enhancement is aimed at making the job market more inclusive and accessible by breaking down the barriers to global employment.

“With our new international feature and dedicated remote jobs section, we’re not just expanding horizons, but we’re actively dismantling barriers to global employment and fostering a more inclusive, accessible job market,” explained Anthony Garcia, Bossjob CEO.

Since the third quarter of the previous year, there has been a noticeable uptick in remote job postings on the platform, which has doubled, reflecting the growing acceptance and preference for this type of employment arrangement. These remote opportunities span across various sectors, including information technology, customer service, human resources, sales, finance, manufacturing, banking, and healthcare, to name a few.

Typically, the roles sought after in these industries are diverse, covering sales representatives, accountants, administrative assistants, and business development managers. An interesting insight shared by Bossjob is that about 32 percent of its over 3 million active job seekers are exploring flexible work options—a trend that gained momentum during the pandemic.

“In a rapidly evolving job market, Bossjob is at the forefront of the shift towards a project-based economy in the Philippines. Our data show not just a trend but a reflection of a deeper change in work preferences,” Garcia further added.

This shift towards freelancing and remote work is supported by a study from financial services company Payoneer. The study highlights that Filipinos are increasingly participating in the gig economy, drawn by the flexibility of remote work setups and the potential for better earnings when juggling multiple jobs. The Department of Information and Communications Technology has identified that there are about four million online Filipino freelancers.

A significant share of these freelancers, about 59 percent, work as virtual assistants—multiskilled professionals adept in tasks such as data entry, social media management, website updating, and video editing. Additionally, 43 percent possess skills in social media marketing, while 36.51 percent specialize in data entry and transcription, and 34.48 percent in content creation.

With this new feature, Bossjob is not only championing the cause of Pinoy freelancers but also setting the stage for a more connected and globally competitive Filipino workforce.

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