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NIQ Unveils New Global Media Division to Boost Consumer Intelligence and Enhance Advertising Strategy


NIQ Empowers Clients and Partners with the Launch of Global Media Division

NIQ, renowned as the world’s premier consumer intelligence company, is thrilled to announce the inception of its Media Division. This initiative is set to enhance the value that advertisers gain from their marketing strategies while supporting partners in aiding our advertiser clients. This development is a testament to NIQ’s unwavering dedication to offering clients comprehensive insights and bolstering their marketing prowess.

At the helm of the Global Media Division stands Lana Busignani, an adept professional celebrated for her ability to drive strategy across diverse media products. With a rich background that includes a tenure at Quotient Technology Inc., and pivotal roles at Nielsen Media, Lana’s seven-year leadership in global Marketing Effectiveness and subsequent management of international media services equip her with unparalleled expertise. Her journey in market research extends over 15 years at IPSOS, where she steered global advertising intelligence, positioning her perfectly to spearhead the success of NIQ’s Media Division.

Lana Busignani expressed enthusiasm about the new Media Division, stating, “We’re excited to unveil our Media Division, a testament to our commitment to providing clients with the Full View™. This strategic initiative, merging the strengths of NIQ, GfK, and MRI-Simmons, not only enhances client value but also marks a crucial step towards an exciting and dynamic industry future.” She continued, “By leveraging our collective prowess, we’re crafting a future where businesses can navigate their marketing investments and execution with informed confidence, solidifying our leadership in the industry.”

The Media Division is set to tackle three fundamental issues facing the industry today. These include identifying the appropriate audience for brands, ensuring the delivery of this audience, and confirming its performance. This will be achieved through the integration of the resources and capabilities of NIQ, GfK, and MRI-Simmons.

Susan Dunn, Chief Revenue Officer at NIQ, shared her enthusiasm about the initiative, “With the launch of the Media Division under Lana’s expert leadership, we are ecstatic to expand NIQ’s suite of services.” She added, “This strategic move not only harmonizes our capabilities but also provides our clients with a holistic solution for making informed and united decisions in their marketing efforts. Lana’s extensive experience and strategic foresight are in perfect alignment with our mission of providing clients with the Full View, further cementing NIQ’s status as a trusted partner in achieving business success.”

The launch of the Media Division signifies a milestone in NIQ’s journey, underlining its role as a catalyst for enhancing marketing strategies and reinforcing its commitment to delivering comprehensive consumer intelligence. With this strategic expansion, NIQ continues to fuel its vision of empowering clients and partners, paving the way for an era of informed, strategic decision-making in the marketing realm.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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