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Oman Arab Bank Boosts Workforce Development with Support for Innovative Dawam App


Oman Arab Bank Champions Future Workforce Development by Supporting the New Dawam App

In a significant stride towards fulfilling the objectives laid down in Oman’s Vision 2040, Oman Arab Bank (OAB), a premier banking institution in the Sultanate, has announced its sponsorship of the Dawam App, an innovative digital platform aimed at streamlining the search for employment and freelancing opportunities. This initiative underscores OAB’s commitment to bolstering the Sultanate’s economy through the cultivation of a dynamic and skilled workforce.

The Dawam App positions itself as a pivotal tool in the transformation of Oman’s labor market, boasting a user base exceeding 150,000 individuals and more than 3,000 registered companies. The platform serves as a comprehensive hub for employment, offering a plethora of services that extend from linking job aspirants with suitable employers to enabling self-employment and facilitating access to various training programs. The success of Dawam is illuminated through its 6,000 success narratives and its partnerships with over six esteemed educational institutions.

In expressing his views on the collaboration, Suliaman Al Harthi, CEO of Oman Arab Bank, articulated, “The Dawam App transcends the notion of a mere corporate endeavor for us; it signifies our unwavering commitment to the prosperity of Oman’s future. Through our support for Dawam, we aim to fortify the Omani workforce, particularly the youth, empowering them to discover and thrive in diverse professional trajectories. This initiative is a reflection of our dedication to nurturing community development, an ethos that resonates with our other projects such as the Ruwad Al Arabi internship program and the Launchpad initiative.”

This collaboration between OAB and the Dawam App epitomizes the convergence of mutual aspirations for economic advancement and workforce empowerment. It is emblematic of OAB’s strategic focus on investing in ventures that foster talent development, drive digital innovation, and make substantial contributions to the nation’s economic landscape.

Oman Arab Bank’s endorsement of the Dawam App is a testament to its active role in shaping a future-ready workforce, equipped with the skills and opportunities necessary to lead the Sultanate towards its ambitious Vision 2040 goals.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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