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One of the World’s Leading Logistics Companies Chooses Allison Transmission’s 3414 Regional Haul System for Natural Gas Fleet


Allison Transmission’s 3414 Regional Haul Series Selected by One of the World’s Largest Logistics Companies for Natural Gas-Powered Fleet

In a significant advancement for sustainable logistics, a global leader in the delivery and logistics sector has announced the inclusion of Freightliner Cascadia compressed natural gas (CNG) day cab tractors equipped with Allison Transmission’s 3414 Regional Haul Series (RHS) into its substantial fleet of 18,000 tractors. This move underscores the industry’s growing commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions and highlights the pivotal role of innovative technologies in achieving sustainability targets.

The combination of the 3414 RHS transmission with the Cascadia models and the DD13 diesel engine was first introduced in early 2022. Not resting on its laurels, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) further expanded the scope of this powerful partnership by integrating the Allison 3414 RHS with the ISX12N engine. This pairing is designed to optimize payload capacity and performance metrics, while simultaneously reducing emissions and engine noise, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of greener, more efficient commercial transportation.

The 3414 RHS transmission is celebrated for its patented torque converter technology. This feature ensures that vehicles running on alternative fuel solutions do not compromise on performance while significantly reducing their carbon footprint. “The fuel-agnostic nature of Allison transmissions allows for the use of familiar powertrain hardware to achieve sustainability goals,” notes , Vice President of North America Sales, Global Channel and Aftermarket at Allison Transmission. This adaptability facilitates a seamless integration with various fuel sources, bolstering fleet productivity and efficiency without sacrificing environmental responsibility.

Allison Transmission’s 3414 RHS not only elevates fuel economy by up to 8% over the 3000 Highway Series transmission but also offers 25% faster acceleration compared to its automated manual transmission competitors. This enhanced performance, particularly vital when operating with the lower power output associated with compressed natural gas, is made possible by the transmission’s torque converter. This ingenious device amplifies engine torque, significantly boosting startability, drivability, and overall fleet productivity.

Allison Transmission has cemented its reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of vehicle propulsion solutions, both for commercial and defense applications. With a rich history dating back to 1915, the company’s influence spans a broad spectrum of on-highway and off-highway vehicles and equipment. Headquartered in Indianapolis, USA, Allison boasts a global presence, with regional headquarters and manufacturing facilities strategically located around the world. Its commitment to innovation is evident in its extensive product range, which includes medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions and advanced electrified propulsion systems, all designed to improve the way the world works.

As industries worldwide grapple with the dual challenges of increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact, Allison Transmission’s pioneering solutions, like the 3414 Regional Haul Series, stand out as beacons of innovation. These advancements not only promise a greener future for logistics but also ensure that businesses do not have to compromise on performance to meet their sustainability objectives.

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