Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Optimistic Tourism Marketing Amid Rising Hotel Rates and Conference Rebounds


Tourism Marketing Body Takes Rosy View as Hotel Rates Rise, Conferences Bounce Back

The Greater Victoria tourism industry is looking up as hotel room rates increase, and meetings, as well as conferences, show signs of surpassing pre-pandemic levels. With five new hotels in development, there’s a wave of optimism despite challenges like a tight labor market and potential disruptions from B.C. Ferries and wildfires.

Paul Nursey, CEO of Destination Greater Victoria, acknowledges the tourism sector’s complex landscape during the unveiling of the 2024 business plan at the Victoria Conference Centre. He highlighted several initiatives and awards that signal a promising future, including the redevelopment of the Belleville Terminal and Greater Victoria receiving accolades from respected tourism publications.

With a 27% increase in the average daily hotel room rate from 2019, and a focus on recovering through meetings and conferences, Destination Greater Victoria is optimistic. The organization is also working to attract more airlines and partnerships for shared marketing efforts.

Efforts to target specific traveler groups, such as ‘nested independents,’ ‘coastal culturalists,’ and families, continue, aiming to offer emotionally resonant experiences. Besides traditional markets, there’s interest in exploring new ones like Edmonton and Portland, Oregon, along with enhancing social media presence and website upgrades.

Sports tourism and sustainable tourism are essential components of the local visitor sector and overall business strategy, with plans to maintain international biosphere certification aligning with sustainable development goals.

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