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Orange Business and EdgeConn Partner to Boost Cloud Connectivity for Egypt’s Education Sector


Orange Business Collaborates with EdgeConn to Enhance Cloud Connectivity for Egypt’s Ministry of Education

Orange Business has embarked on a significant partnership with EdgeConn, a leading private cloud-computing and managed services provider in Egypt. This collaboration aims to fortify cloud connectivity by providing a direct, private connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS) through AWS Direct Connect. This strategic move marks a seminal moment in the advancement of cloud services within the region, particularly for the education sector.

This initiative is key to the deployment of AWS Outposts in Egypt, with the Ministry of Education pinpointing this technology as a cornerstone in its strategy to revolutionize educational content delivery. Aiming to transform the learning experience for approximately 22 million students and teachers across the K-12 spectrum, this project aligns with Egypt’s broader digital transformation aspirations.

Orange Business leveraged its Evolution Platform to swiftly provide EdgeConn with the initial connectivity services required for the project. This Platform facilitates a range of network-related services, including connectivity, cloud, and cybersecurity, in conjunction with various partners. Through this arrangement, Orange Business is not only supporting the digital transformation of Egypt’s education sector but is also fortifying its presence in the cloud connectivity domain through its strategic alliance with AWS.

This partnership is a testament to the growing need for direct and secure cloud connectivity services, especially for multi-cloud customers and partners. With Orange Business’s extensive investment in gateways for direct connectivity and related network services, the collaboration with EdgeConn showcases the potential for future projects that could extend across Egypt and potentially, the wider region.

Orange Business’s comprehensive suite of managed services is a cornerstone of this partnership. These services range from hardware provision, design, implementation, and operation, to highly specialized offerings such as Business VPN Galerie for private AWS connections, professional consultation for network design, and 24/7 service support. This endeavor ensures not only the deployment of a robust infrastructure but also its sustainable management and operation, hence ensuring seamless digital educational experiences.

Mohamed Rayan, CEO and Co-Founder of EdgeConn, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the crucial role of Orange Business in establishing a resilient and secure connectivity infrastructure. This collaboration underscores both organizations’ commitment to advancing the digital transformation of education in Egypt and their ambition to replicate this success in other regions and sectors.

From Orange Business’s perspective, Sahem Azzam, Senior Vice President for the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, emphasized the innovative and development potential of this agreement. Azzam pointed out the significance of supporting Egypt’s education sector and the broader implications for regional growth in digital infrastructure. Orange Business views this collaboration as a stepping stone towards redefining network and security architecture, aiming for a secure and agile digital ecosystem.

This partnership between Orange Business and EdgeConn represents a forward-looking approach to digital transformation in Egypt’s education sector. By leveraging cloud connectivity for educational advancement, this initiative not only underscores the importance of digital infrastructure but also sets a precedent for similar transformations in the broader Middle East and African regions.

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