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Over 77,300 MSMEs Embrace Growth: Startup Size Certificate’s Impact on Enterprise Expansion and Efficiency


Monsha’at Announces Over 77,300 MSMEs Awarded Startup Size Certificate

The journey of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) towards growth and development has seen a significant milestone, as revealed by the Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at). In a remarkable achievement, it was announced that over 77,300 MSMEs have successfully issued the certificate of startup size since the inception of this vital service. This certificate paves the way for these enterprises to leverage a plethora of benefits critical for their expansion and operational efficiency.

The breakdown of these certifications highlights the diverse landscape of the MSME sector. Micro enterprises, which represent the grassroots of the business ecosystem, have issued 35,857 certificates. Small enterprises, which constitute a vital middle layer of economic activity, have not been far behind, with 36,183 certifications. Meanwhile, medium-sized enterprises, representing the upper echelon of this segment, have issued 10,339 certificates, according to data from Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper. This distribution underscores the widespread adoption and utility of the startup size certificate across different scales of operations within the MSME sector.

The implications of obtaining the certificate of startup size are vast and varied. For a substantial 45% of the enterprises, the primary motivation for acquiring the certificate has been to apply for government tenders. This move not only opens doors to new opportunities but also cements the credibility of these enterprises as they vie for significant projects and contracts within the public sector. Furthermore, 17.76% of the enterprises sought the certificate with the aim of securing finance. This is indicative of the crucial role funding plays in the scaling and sustainability of MSMEs, providing them with the necessary capital to innovate, expand, and compete in the market.

In addition to direct financial avenues, 10.10% of the enterprises pursued the certificate of startup size with the goal of obtaining indirect lending. This approach underscores the strategic pursuit of financial leverage by these enterprises, acknowledging the importance of having a robust financial strategy that includes both direct and indirect financial support mechanisms. Through these statistics, it becomes evident that the certificate of startup size is not merely a document, but a gateway to a multitude of opportunities for MSMEs, driving their growth, competitiveness, and contribution to the economy.

Monsha’at’s announcement reflects the larger vision and commitment towards nurturing the MSME ecosystem, underscoring the pivotal role these enterprises play in the economic fabric of the region. By facilitating easier access to government tenders, financial resources, and lending opportunities, the authority is ensuring that MSMEs have the support and resources they need to thrive. As the landscape of business continues to evolve, initiatives like the certificate of startup size remain critical in empowering MSMEs to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and drive forward the economy.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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