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Owens Corning: A Cash-Generating Dividend Stock Outsmarting the Nasdaq


Beat the Nasdaq With This Cash-Gushing Dividend Stock

In the pursuit of stellar returns, one does not need to confine themselves to high-tech stocks. A prime exemplar within the old-economy sector, demonstrating the potential for lucrative gains, is Owens Corning. This building and construction materials company finds itself at a critical juncture, following its recent agreement to purchase residential door company Masonite International. This move raises a pivotal question: Is it prudent to accrue debt to acquire a company amidst a declining market?

Owens Corning’s history of robust cash flow generation suggests a positive outlook on this strategy. Distinct from the allure of technology stocks, Owens Corning’s roots are entrenched far from the high-tech sphere. The company operates across three primary segments, with a pronounced emphasis on the residential housing market.

  • The roofing segment focuses on producing laminate and strip asphalt roofing shingles, catering primarily to residential repair and remodeling work, yet it is also engaged in new housing construction. This segment’s sales are notably influenced by weather-related events.
  • The insulation segment is dedicated to enhancing building efficiency and the heating/cooling functionalities within homes, with demand closely paralleling housing starts and overall market conditions.
  • In the composites business, Owens Corning serves a diverse range of end markets, including the core theme of building and construction, as well as wind energy, industrial applications, consumer products, and infrastructure.

Considering Owens Corning’s significant exposure to the U.S. housing market, which accounted for 51% of its sales in 2022, and the additional 19% stemming from the U.S. commercial and industrial sector, the acquisition of Masonite is a strategic endeavor. Masonite is primarily engaged in the North American residential market, making this merger a synergistic opportunity to consolidate roofing, insulation, and door solutions under one corporate umbrella.

This merger is underscored by two pivotal aspects. Firstly, both Owens Corning and Masonite exhibit commendable histories in free cash flow (FCF) generation. Secondly, despite the current challenges faced by the U.S. housing market largely due to interest rate hikes, there is a potential for stabilization and growth on the horizon. The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University anticipates an inflection point in the housing market’s trajectory by the third quarter of 2024, hinting at an upswing in year-over-year remodeling spending by 2025.

Moreover, this deal’s timing is notably strategic, coinciding with a period of relative weakness in the housing remodeling market. This is often seen as an opportune moment for companies with a solid financial backbone and cash flow generation capacity to undertake strategic acquisitions in anticipation of market recovery.

Owens Corning’s move to increase its stake in the U.S. housing market, coupled with the potential divestiture of its glass reinforcement business, signals a confident bet on the sector’s long-term growth. For investors who share a bullish outlook on the housing market and are capable of navigating through the short-term market turbulences, this strategic acquisition coupled with Owens Corning’s compelling cash flow narrative, presents an attractive proposition.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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