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Portland Activist Jefferson Smith: A Social Entrepreneur with Much to Be Thankful For


Jefferson Smith’s Journey From Despair to Gratitude

In his darkest times, Jefferson Smith, a Portland social entrepreneur and activist, found solace and purpose through gratitude. Facing personal catastrophes, he realized that acknowledging his mistakes and moving beyond blame were essential steps. However, what truly made a difference was embracing gratitude.

His acknowledgment of the support from his circle and appreciation for the unbroken aspects of his life led him to a groundbreaking venture. Along with collaborators like Michelle Jones and Tim Marcroft, Smith founded SuperThank, a unique initiative aiming to recognize and reward the often overlooked contributions of individuals across various professions through the currency of gratitude.

SuperThank isn’t just any organization; it’s a mission to transform the “social economy” by filling the appreciation gap in our society. By organizing storytelling events and creating platforms where people can express their “radical gratitude,” SuperThank turns gratitude into a powerful agent of change. From honoring local heroes with Gratitude Storytelling Events to surprise appreciations like the “FlashThank,” the organization has developed numerous ways to express thanks meaningfully and impactfully.

But the journey doesn’t end here. Smith and his team, including talented individuals like Tresa Horney and recent addition Joseph Emerson, are continuously crafting new and innovative ways to inject gratitude into the fabric of society. By doing so, they aim not only to recognize individual contributions but also to foster a culture where gratitude is a fundamental part of our daily lives.

Smith’s vision extends beyond mere acknowledgments. Through SuperThank, he seeks to transform gratitude into a societal norm that enhances overall well-being, happiness, and success. So, have you SuperThanked anyone lately? It might just be the most impactful gesture you can make today.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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