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President Tinubu Welcomes Nigeria’s Largest Lithium Ore Processing Facility: A Boost for the Mining, Technology, and Solar Industries


Tinubu Welcomes Nigeria’s Largest Lithium Plant

In an encouraging development for Nigeria’s burgeoning mining and technology sectors, President Bola Tinubu officially welcomed the inauguration of the country’s largest lithium ore processing facility, located in Lafia, Nasarawa State.

The announcement came following a significant meeting in Abuja, where the President met with key figures including Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State, Hi Yongwei, the chairman of Avatar New Energy Materials Company Limited, and Zhenhua Pei, the chairman of Canmax Technologies.

Avatar, a pioneering Chinese firm, has completed the construction of the plant which boasts a notable production capacity of 4,000 metric tonnes per day. Meanwhile, Canmax Technologies, lauded for its contributions to the global battery material market, has outlined plans to commit $200 million into a new lithium processing project within Nasarawa State.

During the engagement, President Tinubu highlighted several critical considerations, including the importance of environmental protection, the inclusion of local communities in the projects, and the essential nature of corporate social responsibility for both Chinese corporations.

Furthermore, the President underscored the significance of Nigeria as a burgeoning market for solar panels and batteries. He pointed to the skilled labor force, the country’s technological adaptability, and the vast consumer market as distinct advantages for manufacturing in Nigeria, particularly for solar technologies crucial for Africa’s future.

“The labor is cheaper here. Our youths are vibrant and skilled. Our people are brilliant and adapt quickly to new technology. The economy is thriving, making Nigeria a dependable market. We have the consumption capacity alongside a surplus of gifted citizens ready to work and innovate,” the President remarked.

President Tinubu also stressed the importance of mutually beneficial cooperation and community care in mining activities, ensuring that the exploration for high-grade minerals does not detrimentally impact the local environment or communities.

Expressing his support for these ventures, he voiced optimism regarding the companies’ prospects and reaffirmed Nigeria’s position as a premier investment location in Africa. “We are preparing to produce in this country the solar technologies that the entire continent will use,” he added.

Expressing gratitude towards the President, Governor Sule noted the economic impact and potential for lithium mining in the region represented by the newly inaugurated company. “The company that we just commissioned today in Nasarawa is a 500-million-dollar turnover company. They are optimistic about the lithium mining potential in the region, expected to last the next 15 to 20 years,” he shared.

Dele Alake, the Minister of Solid Minerals, touched on the need for stringent measures to mitigate risks arising from abandoned mining sites and highlighted the requirement for mining license applicants to contribute to local value enhancement and economic empowerment.

The Chinese executives from both companies acknowledged the significance of their investments in Nigeria. They committed to abiding by the nation’s mining regulations and responsibilities towards local communities, cementing a promising future for Nigeria’s role in the global lithium and solar technology markets.

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Alexandra Bennett
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