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Prismo Metals Leverages AI Technology for Efficient Drilling at Hot Breccia Copper Project in Arizona


Prismo Metals Brings AI to Hot Breccia Copper Project in Arizona

Prismo Metals Inc., a forward-thinking mining exploration firm, has recently announced a pivotal partnership with Exploration Technologies Inc. (ExploreTech), a San Diego-based tech company, to revolutionize its approach to drilling in the highly anticipated Hot Breccia Project in Arizona. By harnessing the power of xFlare, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-optimized drilling planning solution developed by ExploreTech, Prismo aims to uncover the wealth of copper porphyry believed to be hidden beneath the surface of this promising site.

The xFlare system is an advanced tool designed to merge surface geology insights with drilling outcomes and reprocess existing geophysical data, optimizing the identification and targeting of concealed deposits. This cutting-edge AI technology generates thousands of possible solutions, pinpointing the most promising drillhole trajectories to explore geological and geophysical data clusters efficiently.

Dr. Craig Gibson, President and CEO of Prismo Metals, shared his enthusiasm about applying xFlare technology at the Hot Breccia Project, situated in the renowned Arizona copper belt. This region is famous for its significant copper deposits, and the Hot Breccia Project, positioned between major copper mines like Morenci, Ray, and Resolution, displays characteristics similar to these world-class sites. A comprehensive ZTEM survey previously conducted by Prismo unveiled a substantial conductive anomaly beneath the breccia outcrops, a promising sign that strongly encouraged the application of xFlare’s AI capabilities to refine drilling targets. The process for drilling permits is also reported to be well underway, indicating a smooth progression toward the exploration phase.

Dr. Alex Miltenberger, co-founder and CEO of ExploreTech, expressed excitement about collaborating with Prismo to optimize their drilling strategy at Hot Breccia. The project site’s characteristics make it an ideal candidate for significant porphyry copper and skarn mineralization discoveries. The use of xFlare is expected to refine the data from Prismo’s ZTEM anomalies to align closely with geological expectations and target models.

The intriguing conductive body identified by the ZTEM survey below a vast dike swarm hosting the namesake breccias, coupled with reports of anomalous copper and gold assays on the surface and high-grade copper and zinc assays in historic drill holes, underscores the project’s potential. While historic drilling touched upon hydrothermal alteration within volcanic rocks, it did not target the newly discovered conductive zone, sparking optimism for what further exploration might reveal.

The Hot Breccia property spans 1,420 hectares and is part of the globally recognized Arizona Copper Belt. Its proximity to the historic Christmas mine, a significant copper source, heightens the anticipation surrounding Prismo’s exploration efforts. While historical production information from the Christmas mine provides an encouraging backdrop, Prismo aims to independently verify and explore the Hot Breccia property’s mineral potential.

ExploreTech’s AI-optimized approach represents a significant leap forward in mining exploration, offering the ability to efficiently target and validate subsurface anomalies covered by overburden. This exploration strategy, already proven in other projects, could dramatically enhance the success rate of discovering viable ore deposits. Prismo Metals, with its portfolio of precious metal projects in Mexico and the copper project in Arizona, stands at the forefront of leveraging AI technology to unlock the value of its exploration endeavors.

As it embarks on this exciting exploration journey, Prismo Metals is poised to redefine mineral exploration with a blend of traditional geological expertise and innovative AI solutions, possibly setting new standards in the industry.

Prismo Metals and its partners approach the future with a vision that combines technology and exploration expertise, symbolizing a significant stride in the relentless quest to uncover the Earth’s mineral riches sustainably and effectively.

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