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Prof. P.C. Biswal Joins IMI Bhubaneswar as New Director: A New Chapter of Excellence Begins


RP-Sanjeev Goenka Group’s IMI Bhubaneswar Welcomes New Director Prof. P.C. Biswal

The RP-Sanjeev Goenka Group is proud to announce Dr. Pratap Chandra Biswal’s appointment as Director and Professor at the International Management Institute (IMI), Bhubaneswar, starting April 2024. As a pioneering corporate-sponsored business school in India, IMI Bhubaneswar distinguishes itself not only for being the sole internationally accredited institute in Odisha but also for its prestigious position—ranking 67th in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2023 by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. With faculties hailing from eminent institutions both in India and overseas, IMI Bhubaneswar is set to embark on a new chapter of excellence under Prof. Biswal’s leadership.

Prof. Biswal brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, having contributed extensively to the realms of teaching, training, consulting, research, and academic administration. His diverse portfolio includes numerous publications in reputed academic journals, magazines, and newspapers and his involvement in significant research and consulting projects for prestigious organizations. These range from the Government of India, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the National Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation (NSTFDC) to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), including various banking institutions across the country.

Discussing his move to IMI Bhubaneswar, Prof. Biswal shared insights into his motivation and vision. “The decision to lead a fast-evolving business school stems from a deep alignment with its vision, the unique opportunity to direct its growth, and the potential to significantly shape the educational landscape,” he remarked. Prof. Biswal highlighted several factors that influenced his decision—a shared commitment to academic excellence, the institute’s ambitious vision backed by a proficient faculty and robust infrastructure, and the support from the RP-Sanjeev Goenka Group.

“Furthermore, the opportunity to tap into Odisha’s burgeoning startup ecosystem and contribute positively to the local community presents an exciting challenge. My decision was also driven by prospects for professional development and the willingness to embrace new leadership responsibilities,” added Prof. Biswal.

Emphasizing the institute’s objectives, Prof. Biswal explained, “At IMI Bhubaneswar, we are committed to academic rigor through experiential learning and global engagement. We aim to foster a technology-enabled learning environment that equips our students with vital skills for the future. Our curriculum is designed to promote social sensitivity, aiming for a positive influence within our community. Establishing strong industry relationships will be key to positioning IMI Bhubaneswar as a premier national educational brand.”

Under Prof. Biswal’s guidance, IMI Bhubaneswar is poised to scale new heights, furthering its mission of delivering world-class education and creating leaders of tomorrow. His strategic vision and dedication toward fostering academic excellence and community engagement are set to enrich the institute’s legacy, making a transformative impact on the educational landscape in Odisha and beyond.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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