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Razorpay’s Profitability and IPO Journey: A Strategic Leap Towards Transforming India’s Digital Economy


Razorpay’s Strategic Move Towards Achieving Profitability and an Indian IPO Listing

In a visionary leap towards streamlining the financial fabric of India’s digital economy, Razorpay, under the adept leadership of co-founder and CEO Harshil Mathur, is marching steadfastly towards profitability. With a keen focus across all its operational verticals, the company is setting the stage for a monumental event in its journey — an initial public offering (IPO) on the Indian stock exchanges.

Having recently received the nod to onboard new merchants, Razorpay is pouring concerted efforts into reaching a profitable juncture across its diverse spectrum of business activities. Mathur harbors a principle where profitability stands as a precursor to the company’s IPO aspirations. It’s a strategy poised to ensure each business segment not only achieves breakeven but also contributes positively to Razorpay’s overarching financial wellness.

The strategy has begun to bear fruit, especially within its online payments division, which now proudly contributes to 75% of Razorpay’s revenues and has reached a financial breakeven point. This achievement marks a critical milestone in the company’s journey towards financial robustness.

The Preludes to an IPO Dream

Central to Razorpay’s IPO ambitions is its plan for domiciling back to India by the end of the fiscal year 2025 — a strategic maneuver not devoid of challenges, particularly the hefty tax burden in the US estimated to range between $250 to $300 million. Despite this financial hurdle, Mathur reassures that the company’s prudent fiscal management, combined with a solid cash reserve, positions Razorpay to navigate through without necessitating immediate fundraising.

The progression towards this domicile shift has been meticulous, with Razorpay ensuring its financial stance remains unshaken by potential tax implications. The change is expected to strain the company’s cash reserves amidst a tight funding scenario. However, Mathur remains buoyant about navigating this transition smoothly, aiming for the IPO post the successful completion of the domicile change before the close of FY25.

Encouraging Signs Amidst Preparations

Razorpay’s journey thus far is storied with substantial funding rounds, the most recent being in December 2021, which considerably bolstered its valuation to $7.5 billion. This flow of investor confidence propels the payment giant to innovate continuously, emphasizing regaining the trust and business of approximately 70% of the merchants lost in the preceding year.

Following a temporary ban, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has resumed Razorpay’s ability to onboard new merchants, signaling a renewed phase of growth. This revival has been met with enthusiasm, evidenced by a surge in new merchant signups and consistent momentum in maintaining this growth trajectory. Razorpay proudly processes an annualized payment value of $150 billion across its payment products, setting its sights on sustained revenue growth in the upcoming fiscal year.

Innovation at the Forefront

Recent innovations include the launch of Payment Gateway 3.0, featuring an AI stack designed to simplify checkout procedures and improve conversion rates. This offering aims to foster trust among customers transacting with smaller businesses through a buyer-protection badge. Additionally, the integration with Razorpay’s Ezetap point-of-sale solutions bridges online shoppers with offline retail experiences, enriching the customer journey.

Further diversifying its portfolio, Razorpay has ventured into the loyalty and rewards management domain with Razorpay Engage HQ. By capitalizing on its acquisition of Poshvine in 2022, this platform enables brands to offer personalized rewards, seamlessly blending online and in-store customer experiences.

With these strategic moves, Razorpay is not only bolstering its online and offline payment segments but also ensuring its user base benefits from an array of value-added products, distinguishing it in the digital payments space.


Despite encountering challenges such as a slow economy, reduced investor funding, and the hurdle of a year-long embargo on new merchant signups, Razorpay remains committed to its growth narrative. The company’s steadfast dedication to overcoming these obstacles, driven by a vision of revenue growth and an impending IPO listing, illustrates a resilient blueprint for success in the ever-evolving digital payments arena.

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