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In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a protest escalated outside Congress during a debate on President Javier Milei’s comprehensive reform package, leading to police firing rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. Opposition members momentarily exited Congress in protest of the police’s actions before resuming the debate.

The confrontation resulted in three reported injuries and several arrests, with the Buenos Aires press union disclosing that numerous journalists, including one hit in the face, were affected by rubber bullets.

This event marks the early stages of discussion on Milei’s ambitious reform bill, just months after his election victory. Milei, who advocates for libertarian and anarcho-capitalist principles, aims to revitalize Argentina’s economy through significant austerity measures and deregulation. Despite Milei’s intentions to curb inflation and stimulate economic growth, his early decisions have sparked widespread opposition, highlighting the challenges ahead for his administration.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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