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Recognizing and Celebrating Innovation in the Philippine Travel and Tourism Industry with New Awards


Recognizing Excellence in Travel and Tourism Industry

The Department of Tourism’s (DOT) newly launched Philippine Tourism Awards stand as a testament to excellence and innovation in the country’s travel and tourism sector. These awards, unveiled in a vibrant ceremony with key travel and tourism stakeholders in attendance, have been designed to celebrate outstanding efforts in the development and promotion of tourism in the Philippines.

Marking a new era of recognition within the industry, the awards aim to encapsulate the spirit of Filipino hospitality and excellence. They serve to acknowledge the individuals, corporate entities, and Local Government Units (LGUs) whose contributions have significantly bolstered the industry. Through creativity, expertise, professionalism, and service, these awardees have prominently showcased the Filipino identity on a global stage.

Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco highlighted that the awards seek to honor the pillars, changemakers, and trailblazers across various sectors of the tourism industry, acknowledging their role in cementing tourism as a cornerstone of the nation’s economy.

Covering a wide array of categories, the awards will recognize hotels, resorts, destinations, homestays, MICE venues, tourism front-liners, and other stakeholders committed to promoting sustainable tourism and the unique Filipino brand of service excellence championed by the DOT.

The recognition process encompasses two stages, starting with Regional Directors of the DOT acknowledging exceptional honorees in their areas. These regional winners will subsequently represent their regions at a national competition, culminating in the announcement of national level winners at year’s end. This approach not only benchmarks excellence but also aims to spotlight lesser-known destinations, enriching the domestic tourism landscape and encouraging continuous improvement in local visitor services.

The awards carry forward the legacy of previous commendations like the Kasama sa Lakbay, Kaunlaran ng Bayan (KALAKBAY) Awards, and the Tourism Star Philippines, evolving them into a unified and comprehensive platform for honoring the luminaries of the Philippine tourism industry.

Diverse categories under the Tourism Industry Awards include Institutional, Individual, Media, Tourism Product, and Special Awards. These categories are meticulously crafted based on the contributed significance to travel trends, novel perspectives, and the sustainable development of Philippine tourism. Application for the awards can be made effortlessly through the DOT website or directly at DOT Regional Offices, ensuring a transparent and inclusive process.

With the Philippine Tourism Awards, the collective excitement amongst stakeholders is palpable. They stand as a beacon of motivation, encouraging continuous excellence and innovation. The awards not only commemorate the resilience and dedication of industry players during challenging times but also fuel their passion for creating unforgettable experiences that invite visitors to Love the Philippines.

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