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Record-Breaking Highs for PYTH, JUP, and SEI Ignite Talks of an Upcoming Altcoin Season


Record Highs for PYTH, JUP, and SEI Spark Speculation of an Altcoin Season

In a recent turn of events that has sent ripples through the cryptocurrency community, Solana-based Pyth Network (PYTH), Jupiter (JUP), and modular blockchain token Sei Network (SEI), have all surged to new all-time highs. This milestone, achieved on March 16, has not only caught the attention of investors but has also sparked speculation about the onset of an altcoin season.

Surge in Prices

The Pyth Network token (PYTH) saw a significant rally, with its price reaching $1.13, following a 28.77% increase in just the last 24 hours. Similarly, Jupiter (JUP) experienced a noteworthy surge, with its price jumping by 52.05% to hit $1.51. The Sei Network token (SEI) wasn’t far behind, rallying to $1.14 before slightly retracting to $1.09 at the time of writing.

Analysts’ Perspectives

Market analysts have keenly observed these developments, with Altcoin Sherpa suggesting that the price ascension for JUP and PYTH may not be over yet. After assessing the market, Sherpa specifically highlighted SEI as a token with potential for further gains, pointing to its 13-fold increase since launch and its promising trading prospects due to recent consolidation.

Individual Token Analysis

Pyth Network (PYTH)

PYTH has managed to maintain its upward trajectory without significant pullback, suggesting a potential climb to the $1.57 mark according to Fibonacci extension levels. The ongoing buying frenzy is evidenced by the token’s On Balance Volume (OBV) which hints at sustained interest from the market. This could very well propel PYTH beyond its recent peak, defying any immediate bearish trends.

Jupiter (JUP)

Despite indications of being overbought on the stochastic RSI, the sustained buying pressure may continue to push JUP’s value. The alignment of the MACD indicator also supports a strong bullish momentum, setting the stage for further price escalations.

Sei Network (SEI)

SEI, after a brief retraction from attempts to surpass the $1.15 mark, demonstrates a strong bullish pattern. Despite current overbought conditions, the token’s momentum is underpinned by a robust breakout pattern, suggesting the possibility of reaching new heights, possibly around the $1.50 area.


The recent record-setting performances of PYTH, JUP, and SEI not only highlight the dynamic nature of the altcoin market but also signal a growing investor interest in these tokens. While the trajectory of these cryptocurrencies remains to be seen, the current trend underscores a bullish sentiment that may very well define the coming altcoin season. Investors and traders alike will be watching closely, hoping to capitalize on what could be the beginning of significant market movements.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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