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Returning Home: Entrepreneur’s Journey from San Francisco to Enthralling Bengaluru


Entrepreneur Returns to India After 7 Years, Shares Perks of Living in Bengaluru Over San Francisco

After spending seven years abroad, an entrepreneur recently made the switch from San Francisco to Bengaluru, India, and has since been vocal about his experiences, reflecting on the perks of living in the South Indian city. While many might compare the two cities for their prominent startup cultures, this entrepreneur, the founder of The Residency, finds Bengaluru to surpass expectations, creating a seamless transition for him.

Upon his return to India, he was initially skeptical if any city could match the convenience and ecosystem of San Francisco. However, Bengaluru, often dubbed the Silicon Valley of India, has proven itself to be on par, if not superior, in several aspects. “Since I moved out of India 7 years ago, I thought I’d never live here again,” he stated. However, the move to Bengaluru has offered him a slice of San Francisco in ways he didn’t anticipate.

The Initial Impressions

Right from the start, the practicality of day-to-day living in Bengaluru made a strong impression. The entrepreneur recounted his experience at Kempegowda International Airport, where he utilized the Uber Zone, a system designed for streamlined, wait-free access to transportation — a convenience he highlighted as a significant advantage over his experiences in San Francisco.

Furthermore, he was pleasantly surprised by the prevalence of English in the city, encountering instances where even auto-rickshaw drivers preferred to communicate in English over Hindi. This linguistic aspect facilitated an easier adjustment and debunked his assumption that he’d need to rely on his Hindi skills daily.

Startup Ecosystem and Networking

One of the entrepreneur’s major revelations was the vibrancy of Bengaluru’s startup scene, resembling San Francisco’s Hayes Valley in its density of networking opportunities. He expressed awe at the talent pool in Bengaluru and urged venture capitalists to pay closer attention to the potential within the city. His encounters with local entrepreneurs solidified his belief in the high caliber of Bengaluru’s startup ecosystem.

Living Convenience and Cost

The convenience of living in Bengaluru, underscored by rapid delivery services like Swiggy Instamart, was another highlight. The entrepreneur marveled at the efficiency and affordability of getting groceries and essentials delivered to his doorstep, sharing anecdotes of late-night orders fulfilled within minutes for negligible delivery fees.

He also compared the cost of telecommunications and mobility solutions, finding Bengaluru’s offerings considerably economical without compromising on quality. These aspects, combined with the city’s safety and community events, contributed to his monthly expenses dropping significantly compared to San Francisco, despite maintaining a comparable lifestyle.

The Climate Advantage

Bengaluru’s weather stood out as a distinct advantage. In contrast to the extreme temperatures encountered elsewhere in India, Bengalugu enjoys a mostly temperate climate, a pleasant surprise that enhanced the entrepreneur’s living experience.

The Trade-offs

Despite his largely positive experiences, he acknowledged the presence of nuisites, such as mosquitoes, and challenges like high rental security deposits — common drawbacks for many living in Bengaluru. However, these issues seemed minor compared to the overall benefits.


Concluding his reflections, the entrepreneur emphasized how Bengaluru matched the vibrancy and dynamism of San Francisco’s startup scene, offering remarkable similarities in community, convenience, and culture. His experiences underline the city’s potential not only for local entrepreneurs but also for those coming from startup meccas like San Francisco. He recommended Bengaluru as a must-visit for anyone curious about exploring international startup ecosystems and highlighted the ease of obtaining an e-visa for remote workers looking to experience the city themselves.

Indeed, his journey from San Francisco to Bengaluru illustrates the global nature of the startup community and the unique advantages that different cities can offer to entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur’s story serves as an inspiring testament to Bengaluru’s emerging status as a global startup hub, alongside its ability to provide a quality of life that competes with, and in some cases surpasses, that of more established cities like San Francisco.

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