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Revamping Chandigarh: New Advisor Prioritizes Public Services and Parking Solutions


In First Media Interaction, New Chandigarh Adviser Assures Official Accountability

In an enlightening session with a few media representatives, the new advisor to Chandigarh shared significant insights into the forthcoming plans to enhance the city’s administration and public services. He highlighted the administration’s initiative to set specific hours for public interaction across various departments. “We are trying to fix public hours for the people, especially the departments that deal with the public. They would sit in their respective offices during the public meeting hours to resolve their issues,” he explained.

The advisor, enthusiastic about his recent observations, mentioned, “Chandigarh is a planned city and officers are already doing a good job. However, I want to streamline things further.” Having reviewed presentations from all departments in the past two weeks, he is keen on improving the existing system for better efficiency and output.

One of the critical issues in Chandigarh, as addressed by him, is the concern over parking in both residential and commercial areas. He conveyed his determination in tackling this predicament, asserting that it was his top priority. “During the presentation, I found that Chandigarh has the highest density of vehicles in India and parking has been a major issue. We are already working on a metro project in the city, but we want to come to some solution regarding parking in the city soon,” he said.

He shared the complications arising from vehicles being parked on pavements, roadsides, and parks, which not only cause road congestion but also inconvenience residents. The advisor revealed that after considerable discussions, a parking policy was notified in December 2020, which unfortunately was not implemented successfully. The administration is now contemplating a revision of the policy to ensure its effectiveness. He further added, “We will have some sort of coordination with the states of Punjab and Haryana to streamline different issues pertaining to both Mohali and Panchkula.”

Moreover, the adviser is keen on leveraging information technology to streamline departmental operations and enhance the convenience of public services. This initiative is part of a broader goal to modernize the city’s administrative framework and improve its efficiency.

Adding to the discussion, Nitin Yadav, the UT home secretary, provided an update on the startup policy. “It is almost finalized, and we are hopeful of framing the policy soon.” This statement hints at the administration’s focus on fostering a thriving startup ecosystem within the city, which could significantly contribute to economic growth and job creation.

In conclusion, the interaction shed light on the administration’s proactive approach towards addressing longstanding issues and implementing strategic initiatives to improve the functioning of the city. From enhancing public service accessibility to resolving parking woes and fostering the startup ecosystem, the advisor’s roadmap holds promising prospects for Chandigarh’s future.

Alex Sterling
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