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Revitalizing Cocoa Production: Ondo State’s Strategy for Economic Boost and Global Prominence


Ondo Govt to Enhance Cocoa Production for Economic Boost

The Ondo State Government, under the leadership of Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, has announced a steadfast commitment to enhancing the production of cocoa. This initiative is aimed at boosting the state’s economy and solidifying its status as the leading producer of premium quality cocoa seeds in Nigeria. This development strategy seeks not only to rejuvenate the local cocoa farming community but also to pave the way for Ondo State cocoa products to gain prominence in the international market, thereby earning valuable foreign exchange.

In a recent meeting with the representatives from the Ondo State Cocoa Council, headed by Chairman Dr. Olusegun Awolumate, Governor Aiyedatiwa applauded the Council for their ongoing efforts and achievements. The meeting, which took place in the Governor’s office in Akure, centered around various strategies for scaling up cocoa production within the state.

Reflecting on the past, Governor Aiyedatiwa highlighted the paramount importance of cocoa to the regional economy, particularly before the oil boom. “Cocoa was the mainstay of our economy in the Southwest, and we are poised to reclaim that status,” he remarked. The Governor emphasized the necessity of adopting modern farming techniques to sustain cocoa production outside traditional forest areas— a move critical to maintaining the high quality of Ondo State cocoa on the global stage.

“We are committed to implementing every necessary measure to address these challenges. Our aim is to ensure our products remain the best in the international market,” Governor Aiyedatiwa stated, affirming his promise to tackle potential obstacles in cocoa production head-on.

The Governor also reinforced his administration’s determination to improve rural infrastructure, underscoring the importance of constructing and rehabilitating roads to enhance the efficiency of farmers and produce marketers. This infrastructure development is expected to facilitate easier access to markets, both local and international, for Ondo State’s cocoa products.

In a strategic move to ensure the sustainability of the cocoa farming industry, Governor Aiyedatiwa called for the inclusion of youth in cocoa farming activities. He highlighted the government’s willingness to support a new generation of farmers, aiming to rejuvenate the sector with young and innovative participants.

Dr. Olusegun Awolumate, speaking on behalf of the Ondo State Cocoa Council, underscored the state’s superior position in cocoa production. According to him, Ondo State’s advantageous standing in this sector serves as a cornerstone for economic growth. Dr. Awolumate shared exciting news about a collaboration with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) based in Ondo. This partnership will focus on the establishment of the Cocoa Agropreneurs’ Mentorship Programme (CAMP), an initiative designed to attract and mentor young people in becoming the next generation of cocoa farmers.

This renewed focus on cocoa production and the strategic plans set forth by the Ondo State Government and the Cocoa Council signify a hopeful future for the state’s economy. By harnessing the potential of cocoa, Ondo aims to reposition itself as an agricultural powerhouse in Nigeria and on the global stage.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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