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Revitalizing India’s Startup Ecosystem: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Impactful Fund of Funds Initiative


Revitalizing India’s Startup Ecosystem: A Deep Dive into the Fund of Funds Initiative

In a significant boost to the Indian startup ecosystem, particularly for innovations originating beyond metropolitan hubs, the government’s dedicated fund of funds has played a crucial role. According to a recent report by analytics giant CRISIL, impressive strides have been made to nurture and financially support startups from Tier-II cities and beyond, diversifying the landscape of entrepreneurship across the country.

The initiative, which has been a beacon of support for budding entrepreneurs, has seen a substantial injection of Rs 1,590 crore into 129 startups, covering a wide swathe of industries ranging from deep technology and agricultural tech to health tech and sustainable solutions. This strategic focus on varied sectors underscores the government’s commitment to fostering a holistic and inclusive growth environment for startups.

Launched in 2016 with a corpus of Rs 10,000 crore, the fund of funds was established with the ambitious aim of propelling the country’s innovative ventures to new heights. Not only was it designed to provide essential capital to startups situated outside the hustle and bustle of Tier-I cities but also to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship across the nation, making economic prospects more equitable.

The effectiveness and impact of this initiative have been illuminated by the findings of a comprehensive third-party assessment conducted by CRISIL, named Prabhaav. This detailed analysis brings to light the remarkable achievements of the fund of funds scheme in bolstering the Indian startup ecosystem.

Highlighting the far-reaching impacts of this government initiative, the CRISIL report reveals an infusion of Rs 17,534 crore into 938 unique Indian startups from the scheme’s inception in 2016 up until November 2023. This staggering amount of investment not only demonstrates the government’s active role in nurturing innovation but also its faith in the potential of Indian entrepreneurs.

Perhaps even more impressive is the multiplier effect the fund of funds has achieved. By catalyzing investments nearly four times the amount of its initial capital injection, the scheme has proven its worth as an effective stimulant for entrepreneurial activities across the country. This success reflects not just in the numbers, but in the vibrant and diverse startup culture it has helped cultivate, paving the way for a future where innovation and creativity are valued and supported.

In summary, the Fund of Funds initiative stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to stimulating the growth of India’s startup landscape. By extending support across geographical and sectoral boundaries, it has laid a strong foundation for a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. As the journey continues, the initiative’s role in shaping the futures of countless startups and, by extension, the country’s economic trajectory, cannot be overstated.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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