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Revival of Tech IPOs: Reddit and Astera Mark Turning Point for Morgan Stanley


Big week for tech IPOs Reddit, Astera boosts Morgan Stanley after extended lull

The New York Stock Exchange recently heralded a new chapter for tech IPOs, marking a festive moment as Reddit, Inc. (NYSE: RDDT) commemorated its initial public offering. In a scene imbued with symbolism, Snoo, the platform’s iconic martian mascot, took center stage, ringing the Opening Bell®. This momentous occasion heralds a potential shift in the market landscape after a period of noticeable stagnation.

For Wall Street’s technology-focused bankers, the recent market debuts of Reddit and Astera Labs have emerged as beacons of hope. These companies, though navigating disparate segments of the tech industry, represent the first major venture-backed tech firms to make their public debut in the U.S. since other notables such as Instacart and Klaviyo in September. This breakthrough follows what felt like an interminable hiatus, with the last significant tech IPOs dating back to late 2021.

Morgan Stanley, in particular, finds itself in a celebratory spotlight, securing the prestigious lead left role in both IPOs and effectively breaking Goldman Sachs’s recent hold on the market. Indeed, Goldman Sachs had been at the helm of the solitary two significant venture-backed offerings of the previous year, leaving Morgan Stanley waiting in the wings since its involvement with HashiCorp and Samsara’s IPOs in December 2021.

The tech IPO landscape over the past two years presents a stark contrast when considered against the broader historical backdrop. Research provided by Jay Ritter, a finance professor at the University of Florida, highlights a mere 15 tech IPOs over this period. This comes off the back of a booming 2021, which saw 121 tech companies go public – the highest since the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. This downturn had seen heavyweights like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley streamline their operations, shedding thousands of jobs amid the IPO dry spell.

Eric Juergens, a partner at the law firm Debevoise and Plimpton with a focus on capital markets and private equity, provides insight into the prevailing market dynamics. He notes that “The capital markets have been relatively quiet the past couple of years.” However, he suggests that investment banks have been tirelessly positioning themselves, keenly awaiting the moment when companies are poised to leap into the public domain.

The resurgence of IPO activity, heralded by the market debuts of Reddit and Astera, may well signal a broader market revival. Lynn Martin, President of the New York Stock Exchange, in a discussion with CNBC, captured the optimism felt by many, suggesting that a plethora of companies is gearing up to go public in the second quarter. This anticipation of heightened activity underscores a palpable sense of momentum, hinting at a more vibrant phase for tech IPOs and a robust period of growth and opportunity for market participants.

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