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Revolutionizing E-commerce: Enabling Apple Pay and Google Pay for All Businesses with Epoint


Apple Pay and Google Pay Payments for All Businesses

Bringing the future of e-commerce payments to the forefront, now enables SME clients to accept payments for goods and services through the convenience of tokenized payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This initiative has been made possible through a collaborative effort with CyberSource and the esteemed international payment provider, Visa. This move aims to benefit all business scales, with a special focus on small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and micro-clients, facilitating them to accept tokenized payments effortlessly.

Epoint offers two distinct pathways for businesses to integrate this service:

  1. For businesses with an online presence: If you already have a website or application, integration through Epoint’s provided API protocol is swift, meaning you can offer Apple Pay and Google Pay payment options to your clients within minutes.
  2. For businesses without an online presence: Epoint offers a solution here as well. Businesses can connect with Epoint to receive a free mini-site, or Business page, equipped with payment processing capabilities. This option allows business owners to select their preferred payment options and immediately start accepting payments, enhancing sales conversion without the need for upfront website development expenses.

Regardless of the chosen method, businesses are afforded the opportunity to connect tokenized payments rapidly, boosting sales, enhancing the security of payments through biometric verification, and streamlining the integration process to reduce costs.

Besides, Epoint enhances invoice payments by incorporating Apple Pay and Google Pay options directly within invoices generated on its platform, allowing companies to accept tokenized payments efficiently and expedite the payment process.

The integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay payments not only accelerates the payment process but also significantly increases the average payment receipt and customer loyalty, thanks to a convenient payment interface and the simplicity of using a phone for transactions.

Tokenized payments are becoming increasingly prevalent across a wide array of applications including, but not limited to, food delivery, taxi services, marketplaces, and public transportation payment services.

In an introductory offer, the first clients to avail of this service will benefit from a 20% discount on commission fees, enabling them to start accepting payments at a reduced cost.

Zeynal Kerimzadeh, the visionary founder and director of Epoint, shares his enthusiasm for the launch, stating that integrating alternative payment methods signifies a crucial step towards enhancing online business activity and promoting the adoption of non-cash payments within the region.

A noteworthy collaboration for this initiative is with Visa, playing a vital role in digital development and promoting e-commerce products in Azerbaijan, further solidifying Epoint’s position in the Fintech arena of Azerbaijan, as the first to join the prestigious 500 Global international acceleration program.

Epoint’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of Fintech and promoting e-commerce growth in Azerbaijan remains unwavering, as they continue to offer innovative solutions for businesses looking to thrive in the digital economy.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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