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Revolutionizing E-commerce with All-In-One Installment Credit Card Platform: A Game-Changer for SMEs


All Installment Credit Cards on One Platform: Innovation in E-commerce

In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, a groundbreaking solution has emerged for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to enhance their sales strategies and offer more customer-friendly payment options. A notable advancement in this arena is a comprehensive platform that consolidates all installment credit card options for e-commerce business owners, enabling them to sell products and services to customers on an installment basis.

This significant innovation comes from, which has partnered with Visa, a global leader in digital payments, to bring this transformative solution to the market in Azerbaijan. Epoint Inc. has developed a platform that allows e-commerce businesses to offer their products and services to customers through various installment plans using credit cards. This seamless integration means customers can now enjoy the flexibility of paying in installments, making purchases more accessible and financially manageable.

How It Works

For businesses with an online presence, including websites and mobile applications, Epoint offers API integration, enabling them to offer installment payment options effortlessly. Interestingly, the platform also caters to smaller businesses without a digital storefront. Through the “Business Page” service engineered by Epoint, these smaller enterprises can quickly adopt installment sales services, widening their market reach and enhancing sales opportunities without substantial upfront investment in technology development.

The platform stands as a beacon for over 900 business clients, who are immediately provided with the capability to increase their sales volume by offering installment payment options. The inclusivity of the platform extends to new clientele, who can swiftly activate the installment payment feature by signing a digital agreement, leveraging the efficiency and security of digital signatures via ASAN Imza.

Initially, the platform has rolled out support for ABB Bank “Tamkart” and Kapital Bank “Birkart” installment products, with plans to expand its offering by integrating credit cards from other banks in the near future.

The Impact on Digital Business

The installment payments solution is poised to significantly contribute to the digitalization of businesses, broadening the digital business landscape in the country. By introducing new products and leveraging technological capabilities, Epoint aims to simplify online business operations, stimulate non-cash transactions, and ultimately contribute to the economic growth of Azerbaijan.

Zeynal Karimzada, CEO & Founder of Epoint, expressed optimism regarding the platform’s potential to revolutionize online business practices, emphasizing the importance of digital products in accelerating business processes, increasing sales, and fostering the growth of non-cash payments within the country.

Epoint’s initiative is not only a testament to the innovative spirit thriving in Azerbaijan but also marks the company’s recognition on the international stage, being the first Fintech firm from the nation to join the 500 Global international acceleration program and secure investments.

As digital transformation continues to reshape the landscape of e-commerce, solutions such as the one provided by stand out by offering tangible benefits for both businesses and consumers alike, paving the way for a more inclusive, flexible, and economically vibrant digital marketplace.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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