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Revolutionizing Packaging Industry: ABB Leads Modernization Project for Smurfit Kappa’s Facility in Mexico


ABB Spearheads Groundbreaking Modernization Project for Smurfit Kappa’s Facility in Mexico

In an exciting development for the packaging industry, ABB has been awarded a significant contract to revamp Smurfit Kappa’s paper machine number 5 (PM5) at its Cerro Gordo corrugated cardboard plant, situated conspicuously near Mexico City. This endeavor involves supplying the facility with the state-of-the-art ABB Ability™ System 800xA® distributed control system (DCS), coupled with a comprehensive set of drive and motor technologies designed to elevate the performance of PM5 to new heights.

As a global heavyweight in packaging solutions, Smurfit Kappa boasts operations in over 35 countries, with a long-standing presence in Mexico dating back to 1957. The group has aggressively expanded its production capacity in the region, infusing more than $350 million (USD) into its operations since 2018.

The collaboration with ABB on this project marks a historic partnership in the region, poised to significantly enhance the operational efficacy of one of Smurfit Kappa’s pivotal machines in Mexico. The modernization promises to transform PM5 into a beacon of productivity and efficiency, aligning with the evolving demands of the industry.

In pursuit of a partner with unmatched expertise for this crucial renovation, Smurfit Kappa turned to ABB, drawn by its impressive pedigree in the pulp and paper industry across Latin America, and its comprehensive grasp of paper machine dynamics. ABB’s integration is expected to revolutionize PM5’s speed and tension control systems while minimizing downtime, ensuring optimal performance for the foreseeable future.

Through its technological advancements, ABB aims to deliver exceptional torque and speed control across PM5’s sectional parts, employing direct torque control (DTC) among other innovations to bolster control precision, enhance quality consistency, and reduce waste. Achieving a system uptime of 98.5% post-commissioning in 2025, ABB’s enhancements will ensure that PM5 experiences a maximum of just 33 hours of downtime over a three-month span, marking a significant upgrade in operational reliability and productivity.

Mario Olvera, the Engineering and Project Director at Smurfit Kappa Mexico, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, citing ABB’s industry acumen and commitment to excellence as key factors in their selection. “We are confident that their expertise will help maximize the performance and efficiency of PM5,” Olvera remarked, highlighting the project’s importance to Smurfit Kappa’s operations in Mexico.

Diego Navas, ABB’s Commercial Director for the Pulp & Paper business in North America, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the comprehensive approach ABB is taking to ensure seamless integration and superior control performance. “A straight pathway to increased production, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs,” Navas noted, summarizing the project’s goals.

The project’s scope extends beyond the mere provision of state-of-the-art equipment. Capitalizing on its extensive experience, ABB is set to deliver advanced engineering and commissioning services, ensuring a smooth transition for PM5. Leveraging the ABB Ability™ System 800xA® along with remote access capabilities, ABB promises round-the-clock global customer support. Moreover, new control panels and safety implementations throughout the machine will promote a collaborative, safe working environment for all operations.

This ambitious modernization project underscores ABB’s leading role in driving technological advancement and operational efficiency in the global paper and packaging industry, setting a precedent for future collaborations and innovations.

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